How To Customize Your Digital Covers With Gold Foil Text

Want to customize your digital notebook covers with gold foil text? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to customize your digital covers with gold foil text in procreate.

It’s great to add custom text on your digital covers because it makes it easier to spot the document you want to open in your PDF markup app.

For the tutorial today we will be using the procreate app. This is a premium app only available for IOS devices. If you don’t have an IOS device, you can create a similar effect with photoshop.
But in this tutorial, we will only work with procreate.

So, let’s start right away by opening procreate.

From the dashboard we will select the ‘import’ option to import our digital notebook cover. You can import them from your device or cloud services. I organize all my documents in OneDrive so I will just look for my item and import.

You can find these realistic looking digital covers on my etsy store (link in description).

Once you find your folder just click on it to import to procreate.

As you can see, this is the cover without any text. Now let’s customize it to look like a planner.

For this tutorial I’m going to add a 2021 planner text to my cover.

You want to make sure that you are not creating the text on the same layer as the cover, so I will go in the layers tab and create a new layer.

You could just write your text with your handwriting if you prefer but I am going to add a text with a nice font.

Now I’ll go here in this tool and click on add text.

Cool, let’s type the text, so planner 2021.

In this tab I can also change the font of the text. You have a few choices of font in your iPad but I already downloaded a new font called flamingo that I will use in this tutorial.

I have a video tutorial on how to import fonts to your ipad if you need to learn this.

I’ll increase the text size a little bit to make the text ft better on the cover.

The text in black is hard to read and I really want to make it in a gold foil color similar to the details in this cover.

To do that we need to make a gold foil gradient and then add that effect to the text.

Don’t worry, I will walk you through all of that!

First let’s create an extra layer for the gold foil gradient. You need to go to your color palette to add the shades of gold that we want to use.

I have 3 shades of golden yellow colors that I will use to create the gold gradient, the hex code is on the screen and I’ll add to description too.

You see I already have the colors here because I was testing it before but to add the colors you have to go to the color palette, then this value tab and add the 3 codes, one by one, in this box for hexadecimals. Just type them in.

So, go ahead and add all the 3 colors before we carry on.

Now that you have three shades of gold and you are on a layer above your text, just start coloring random parts of your screen with the 3 colors. Go ahead and make sure you cover all the text area.
It will look something like this when you are done.

Now let’s merge these color together as a gradient using the Gaussian Blur tool. From the top bar, choose Gaussian blur and now touch the screen and swipe to the right to increase the amount of blur. Adjust as need until it looks something like this.

You can also make a little bit bigger to make sure it’ll cover all the text.

All right, now let’s go back to our layers and make sure that we lock this gradient only where the text is in the layer below. And we do that by click on the gradient layer and here in this window click on clipping mask.

And now you can see the gradient is only applied to the text. You can still move the gradient background until you find the right place you want.

When you are happy with that let’s just pinch these 2 layers together to combine them.
You could actually stop here but I want to add some shadows under the text so it pops up a little more.

So let’s duplicate this layer. Slide gold text layer to the left and click on duplicate. Now we have 2 identical layers.

Select the bottom layer and click on this arrow tool on the top to move the layer just a bit off to the side. We want to do that so the shadow is now exactly under the text, so we can see it.

I am going to turn alpha lock to be able to color just the text in this layer, and I’ll do that by click on the layer and then press alpha lock.

Now get the black color and just color over that text. You see only the text in the layer gets colored because of the alpha lock.

You could turn it white or any other color but I think the black here gives the best contrast.

Now turn off the alpha lock and add a bit of blur to the shadow, using the Gausian blur tool again to edit the shadow.

That’s fine so I will go now and pinch the text and shadow layer together.

Here I will just check that the size is appropriate and once it’s done too, I can pinch the text layer and combine it with the digital cover. Now I only have one layer and everything is combined.

And what’s left now is to import this image to my note-taking application.

So let’s go back to the procreate gallery and select this artwork to share.

You can choose the format you want here, I’m going to export as JPEG. Here in this sharing tab I have the option to add it straight to Noteshelf (my application of preference) but you could also just download it to your device.

When I open my Noteshelf I should see it in my library, and here it is.

I have a few posts on how to add an extra cover to a digital document in Noteshelf, GoodNotes, Notability and ZoomNotes. If you need to learn how to do that so you can add your new customized cover to any digital document you want just click on the post for your preferred application.