How To Change The Color Of Handwritten Digital Notes

Dow you love color coding your handwritten digital notes, but you don’t want waste time toggling between the pen colors while writing? Here’s how to change the color of handwritten digital notes easily.

Today I’m going to show you how to change your handwritten digital note color in Noteshelf.

One of the many advantages of digital note taking compared to tradition notes is that you don’t need a pen of every color to be able to color code your notes because the apps allow you to just change the color of your pen to whatever color you want.

However, toggling between pen colors can be time consuming specially when you need to make notes fast and concentrate in class at the same time.

But the good thing is that with digital notes everything is editable, you can actually change color, move and resize anything you put down on your digital notebook afterwards.

So how exactly we do this? Check the tutorial below:

Change Your Handwritten Digital Note Color In Noteshelf

First, you can just highlight your text to add color and make a part of your notes to stand out by using the highlighter tool.

This highlighter works just as a traditional highlighter would. In the digital planning app, such as Noteshelf in this example, I can also change color and nib of the highlighter easily. No more need for pouches full of markers with digital planning and notetaking!

But let’s say you want to change the color of your text, instead of highlighting. Then you need to select the Lasso Tool first, and then circle the area which you want to change the color.

In Noteshelf you can choose from a variety of color and also pick a custom color.

You can use the color tool to pick whatever color you want. And further, Noteshelf gives this massive library of color palettes with matching tones.

You just need to click to add them to your main menu. Once you do that they will be easily accessible.

To change the color of the text just click on the color you want and the text will be changed. You can also go ahead and increase the size of the handwritten text with the lasso tool to make something more prominent.

With this tool you can select only a few words or you can select an entire sentence and change color of everything in one go.

The only thing you really have to pay attention is that you’re selecting the entire area you want to recolor because if you leave a little part out, even though is in the same word you selected, it may not get colored.

So you really want to go around and make sure your selection captures everything. Zoom in to make things easier.

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How To Change The Color Of Handwritten Digital Notes Easily