How To Change A Notebook Cover In Noteshelf

Do you need to change your Digital Planner or Digital Notebook front page in Noteshelf? Read below for a quick tutorial on how to change the Notebook Cover in Noteshelf.

There are effectively 3 ways that you can change your notebook cover in Noteshelf:

  • From the ‘My Notes’ tab
  • From inside your document
  • Or by importing a separate page (the cover) into your existing document

Below I have a simple but detailed guide to do it.

How To Change The Notebook Cover In Noteshelf 2

Regardless of what document the procedure to change the cover is the same for digital notebooks, digital planners or notes.

1. change the Cover Of Your Noteshelf Planner From the ‘My Notes’ tab

The first way you can change your planner cover is from your ‘notes page’. Click and hold on the planner or notebook that you wish to change its cover.

Change notebook cover in noteshelf 2 from the myu notes tab
In the ‘My Notes’ Library, tap and hold on the notebook you wish to change the cover

Then click on the ‘change cover’ option on the menu.

Change noteshelf planner cover

The app opens this window with a variety of options:

Add covers to your noteshelf planner

You can choose from the existing cover templates or add a custom one. There is also a tab for inspiration and free downloads that you can check out.

So, if you bought separate cover pages for your digital notes you can simply add them here by choosing custom design and searching for the images in your device.

Otherwise just pick a cover from the existing templates.

2. Change The Document Cover From Inside the Notebook

It’s also possible to change covers when the digital planner designer offers extra covers inside the original PDF.

For instance, in one of my digital notebook the designer left me 4 different covers to choose from.

To change them click on the double page icon at the top right corner of the Noteshelf app. This will open the pages settings.

Here you can edit, delete, duplicate, tag or move pages around.

Click on the pages setting to edit pages position and add covers

You can just move the cover you like most to the 1st spot, this would automatically make it a cover page.

Or you can choose to delete the unwanted covers. So I selectd 3 of the cover that I didn’t want and delete them.

Now, I only have one cover page left, which is now the first page of my document and therefore it’s new cover.

When I refreshed the ‘my notes’ tab the document has a new cover now.

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