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How To Change A Notebook Cover In Noteshelf

Do you need to change your Digital Planner or Digital Notebook front page in Noteshelf? Read the post below for a quick tutorial on how to change the Notebook Cover in Noteshelf.

There are 3 easy ways that you can change your notebook in Noteshelf

These are:

  • From the ‘My Notes‘ tab
  • From inside your document
  • Or by importing a separate page (the cover) into your existing document

Below I have created a simple but detailed guide for all three methods to change the Notebook Cover in Noteshelf. I don’t think any method is hard so I would suggest that you try all three once then just choose the one that seems the easier for you.

How To Change Your Digital Planner Cover In Noteshelf

Regardless of what document you have the procedure to change the cover is the same for digital notebooks, digital planners, or notes.

So once you have imported a Digital Planner into Noteshelf just follow one of the below methods to change the cover.

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    1. change the Cover Of Your Noteshelf Planner From the ‘My Notes’ tab

    The first way you can change your planner cover is from your ‘My Notes’ page.

    Click and hold on to the planner or notebook that you wish to change the cover on.

    Change notebook cover in noteshelf 2 from the myu notes tab

    In the ‘My Notes’ Library, tap and hold on the notebook you wish to change the cover

    Then simply click on the ‘Change Cover‘ option on the menu.

    Change noteshelf planner cover

    The app will then open this window which has a variety of different options:

    Add covers to your noteshelf planner

    You can choose from the existing cover templates that are in the Noteshelf App or add a custom one. There is also a tab for inspiration and free downloads that you can click on to explore.

    If you bought separate cover pages for your digital notes you can simply add them here by choosing ‘Custom‘ design and searching for the images you have already imported into your device.

    Otherwise, just pick a cover from the existing templates that are available on Noteshelf.

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    2. Change The Document Cover From Inside the Notebook

    It is also possible to change the Notebook Cover in Noteshelf when the digital planner designer offers extra covers inside the original PDF you have purchased.

    For instance, when designing my digital notebooks, I often try and give at least 3 different covers the purchaser can choose from. This allows you to change your cover for your moods, needs, or just because!

    To change the cover to the one you want, click on the ‘Page Icon‘ at the top right corner of the Noteshelf app. This will open the ‘Pages’ setting.

    Here you can edit, delete, duplicate, tag, or move pages around.

    Click on the pages setting to edit pages position and add covers

    You can just move the cover you like most to the 1st spot. This will automatically make it the cover page.

    Or you can choose to delete the unwanted covers.

    So I selected 3 of the cover that I didn’t want and deleted them by clicking ‘Edit‘ then ‘Move To Trash‘.

    Now, I only have one cover page left, which is now the first page of my document and therefore a new cover page.

    When I refreshed the ‘My Notes‘ tab the document now has a new cover.

    3. How To Change A Cover In Noteshelf By importing a New page (the cover) into your existing document

    Sometimes you may buy cover pages for Digital Planners separately from the planners. It is still super easy to make this a new cover for your existing Digital Planner.

    Firstly, open up the file that has your new cover page. If you have purchased the cover pages as a pack these may be in a Notebook or if you bought them individually they can be a separate PDF.

    At the top right of the Noteshelf App tap the ‘Pages Icon’.

    Once you are on the page that you want to make your Cover page tap on ‘Edit‘ to select the page, you can find this at the right top of the screen.

    At the bottom left of the screen tap on the ‘‘. This will bring up a pop-up box where you can select ‘Copy‘.

    Now you need to add this page to your Digital Planner!

    Open up the Notebook that has your Digital Planner and head to the existing coverage ( this is usually the first page of your planner).

    At the top left of the Noteshelf App you can see the ‘+‘ icon. Tap this and a drop-down menu will appear.

    From here tap on ‘Page from Clipboard‘.

    This will add the page you copied previously into the Notebook you currently have open. Be sure to delete your old Cover page by tapping ‘Pages Icon‘, selecting your old cover, tapping ‘Edit‘, and selecting ‘Move To Trash‘.

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    I hope you found these different ways to change the Notebook Cover in Noteshelf helpful. You can find more Noteshelf Tutorials for Digital Planning below.

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