Digital planning for beginners

New to digital planning? No problem!

Welcome to the Digital Planning Quick Start Guide!

I have all the help you need in bit sized chunks and interactive videos to help you get started with digital planning straight away – including a free digital planner!

So, how does this work?

Every article in this Quick Start Guide is a mini lesson about digital planning. Everything is displayed in order to get you from “I know nothing about digital planner” to “I’m a digital planner pro!”

Sounds like the help you need?

Alright, let’s get started!

Click the link below to start with the 1st lesson:

The Beginner’s Guide To Digital Planning

Click on the links below to learn all about digital planning tools and app tutorials – start from number 1 if you are totally new:

1. What is digital planning?

2. Reasons to start digital planning Today

3. What do you need for digital planning?

4. What is the best iPad for digital planning?

5. Choose a Note-Taking Application

6. How to add your file to your note-taking app?

7. How To Add Stickers To Your Digital Planner?

8. How to make my own digital stickers?

9. How to Make My Own Digital Planner?

10. The Best Digital Planner Accessories

Ready to get started?

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