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A good planner makes every day organized. A great one makes every day exciting.

Humans have been planning their lives since the dawn of society. Planners help us manage our days, track our goals, and aspire for more.

This foundational trait remains within us but our methods – much like the society we live in – have evolved.

So we must evolve with it.

At Powerhouse planners, we make it easy to transition into embracing the benefits of digital planning by redesigning what you already know and fusing it with what you didn’t know you needed.

Powerhouse Planners take the traditional method of paper planning and transforms it into a more streamlined process.

Our digital planners seamlessly blend flair, utility, and ease of use to provide a tool that enhances your daily life. From beautiful layouts to fun stickers, our digital planners create a familiar environment you love while also enriching your planning experience.


Hi, I’m Thass, the digital planner and designer behind Powerhouse Planners (formerly Presh Plan).

I’m an avid planner and a gadget geek, so I have a variety of Android, Windows and Apple devices.

This means I know the good, the bad and the ugly of all the popular PDF annotation apps and how they perform in different operational systems.

My goal is to help any women get started with digital planning, regardless of what iPad or Tablet they use.