How To Change Cover In ZoomNotes

Are you wondering how to change cover in ZoomNotes? In this quick tutorial I’ll show you how to add a cover to your digital planner or digital notebook in ZoomNotes.

Today I’m going to show you how to change the covers of any document inside ZoomNotes.

When you import a document to ZoomNotes, the cover will show the last page you visited inside that document.

Every time you click on a different page of that document, the cover will change.

But It’s possible to have a cover that’s always there, regardless of what page you’re working on, and I will show you how to do it right now.

How To Add Covers To Documents In ZoomNotes

So the first thing you have to in order to change the cover of your digital planner in ZoomNotes is to click on the name of your document and then click on Properties.

Here you can change the document name too. But what we want to do is to toggle this ‘has cover’ setting. Turn it on and the click done.

Now you have to set a cover to be the first page of your document. To do that go on the pages tab on the top right corner.

Click on the first page of your document and now insert a page before that page.

With this new page you can type your cover name if you want and be done. But I would like to add a new planner cover that I have. You can add images from the tools bar on the top. If you have your cover on your photo folder you just have to locate and click to add it.

My cover though is not on the photo folder, it’s on the cloud. So I will split the view in my iPad to drag and drop that image inside ZoomNotes.

To split the screen swipe up from the bottom, until I see the dock. I have my favorite folders here and my cloud application too where my images are located.

But if the app where your image is located isn’t showing here you have to open the app so it will appear on the right side of the dock where it shows your recently opened apps.

You just have to drag and drop your app to the side of the screen. Now you can use both apps at the same time.

Once I find the image I want, I just drag and drop it in ZoomNotes.

After it is imported I can swipe the image file to the side to get the full screen again.

Now I just need to resize the image to cover my page using the lasso tool.

And here I have imported a new cover to my document. It will be permanent regardless of what page I am working on inside.

Change the Cover In ZoomNotes

If your digital planner or digital notebook already has the extra covers inside the document you don’t need to import anything.

Just turn the setting ‘has cover’ on like we did before for that document and then rearrange the pages to have your preferred cover to be in the first position of the document.

It’ll automatically set the cover.

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