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Easy Tutorial For Pre-cropped Vs Un-cropped Stickers In Digital Planning

Wondering what the difference is between pre cropped vs un-cropped stickers? This quick tutorial will show you how to use and crop Digital Stickers.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show the difference between pre-cropped and un-cropped stickers when it comes to using them for digital planning.

But before we get started on cropped vs un-cropped stickers, if you are new to Digital Planning let’s clarify what a Digital Sticker is.

Digital stickers are images that serve the same purpose as traditional planner stickers: to decorate your pages, add character and color or make something stand out inside your digital planner.

The great thing about digital stickers vs traditional stickers is that you can use a digital sticker indefinitely because you can copy and paste it as many times as you wish. This way you can use it in as many planners or documents as you like.

Digital planner stickers are often PNG image files because this format allows for transparent background. Why a transparent background? This means the stickers don’t have a white border around them which can not only stop your planner from looking amazing ( especially if you are placing the digital sticker on a colored planner page ) but it can also cover up information on your planner pages.

Digital Stickers Format

Here are the 3 ways that you might receive your digital planner stickers when you purchase them from a seller online:

  • Un-cropped sticker sheets
  • Cropped PNG files
  • Pre-cropped sticker books

So how do pre-cropped vs un-cropped stickers differ from each other? Let’s find out with some examples below.

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1. Un-cropped sticker sheets

Let’s start with a non-cropped example.

A sticker sheet is an un-cropped image.

It’s one file with several stickers together. When you receive stickers like this you have to pre-crop the stickers yourself.

You cannot use any of these stickers on their own before you pre-crop the sticker sheet.

And how do you do that?

Luckily most digital planning apps will give you the ability for cropping stickers.

In GoodNotes for instance you can use the lasso tool to make a copy of this file and then crop the image by adjusting the lines around the image that you want to use.

Once you are done you are left with one cropped sticker. This can be tedious work, and you will have to repeat the process for every single piece of sticker you want to use.

That’s why many digital planner designers, including myself, advertise that they provide you with cropped stickers. It makes it so much easier for our customers to insert images into their planners and saves you lots of time.

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2. Cropped PNG Stickers

So what are cropped stickers?

Cropped stickers are just stickers on their own. These are basically an image file separated from the sticker sheets.

In the video at the start of this post, you can see that in one of my folders I have lots of cropped PNG file stickers. They are great because you can just drop them into your digital planner, then resize and organize them however you want.

This is a lot easier than having to crop every single sticker. Just note that you will of course still need to import them into your digital planner.

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    3. Pre-cropped Digital sticker books

    The third way you can get your stickers is in pre-cropped sticker books.

    You might have seen sellers calling it a Goodnotes file format or Goodnotes sticker book.

    These stickers books are just pages with pre-cropped images that the seller has organized for you so you don’t have to import them to GoodNotes one by one. You simply have to import the file once and you will be able to use all stickers inside that file straight away with the lasso tool. They are cropped and ready for use.

    This is by far the easiest way to get a large number of stickers in your library very easily. From here you can use the lasso tool to select several stickers in one go and paste them wherever you want in any other document inside GoodNotes.

    GoodNotes seems to be a popular app for digital planners which is why you see sellers offering GoodNotes sticker books often but the reality is that you can make digital sticker books in any other note-taking app such as Noteshelf and Notability.

    Enjoyed this tutorial on cropped vs un-cropped stickers? Why not learn how to make your own Digital Stickers with the easy guides below?

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