How To Add Stickers To Notability

Just like in traditional planners, digital planners can add several stickers to their daily pages.

Here’s how you can add stickers to Notability digital planner.

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How To Add Stickers To Notability

Method 1: Import Digital Stickers to Notability

A simple way to add sticker or any other image on your planner is to use the ‘plus’ sign on the top right corner to add from your photo library or camera.

Import digital stickers to notability

Just simply find the file and click to add it.

One good thing about notability is the ability to add GIFs, they will work just like a sticker and you can get some cute ones by searching in the search bar.

However, if you purchased stickers from another a digital sticker designer and the images are not on your photo folder you will have to use split view to be able to add those images.

Method 2: Add Digital Stickers To Notability By Splitting The View

To split the iPad screen you need to gently swipe up from the bottom of your screen until you see the dock.

How to insert images in notability

The iPad Dock shows your favorite apps or those you that you have opened recently.

Tap and hold the app where your stickers are located, then drag it to either side of the screen to start split view.

Use split view to add several stickers to notability

Once you find the stickers tap and hold the image for a second until it lifts, then drag and drop it on your planner.

Drag and drop digital stickers to notability planner

Repeat this process for all the stickers you want to add.

Once you have done just swipe the folder to the side, we have full view of notability again. With this scissor tool you can resize and move your stickers around the page.

Resize stickers in notability digital planner

This is the easiest way to add stickers to Notability.

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