How To Create Digital Stickers In Google Slides

Need a free program to create beautiful digital stickers? You are in the right place, check out below my tutorial on how to create stickers in Google Slides for your digital planner.

Google slides is the app with the most powerful features for presentation creation but it free, simple to use and excellent if you are getting started with digital planners.

I don’t particularly create most of digital stickers in Google Slides but if you are not designed minded, or doesn’t have knowledge for using more advanced designing programs, then I am happy to report that you can do a lot inside Google Slide.

The best part is that it let’s you export the designs as PNG files which is the best format for digital stickers.

So without any further delay let me show you an easy way to create personalized digital stickers inside Google Slides.

How To Create Planner Stickers With Google Slides

So let’s get started and open up Google Slides. Then create a blank presentation.

The first thing I do is to set up the slide size to 500 by 500 pixels. You can do by going to file tab at the top and then click on page setup. I find that this is a great size for digital stickers, they are not too small or too big for your planner but do play with the size to see what works better for you.

Once you’ve done that you can start inserting your shapes, I’m going to work with this shape that has rounded corners to be the base of my sticker set.

You can choose from any of the shape available or import another graphic or clipart if you like. I’ll add a second shape to create the impression that my design has a border.

Once you are happy with the design you can change colors of the shapes and the outline.

At this point I am also going to change the transparency of the slide itself, to have a transparent background. I do this to make sure that when I export my file I don’t get a white square around it.

Now it’s time to add the sticker text. Insert a text box and type the text, then increase the size and change the font as you wish, you can also change color to match your sticker shape.

When the sticker is ready you can create more of it!

The easiest way is to duplicate your slide and then change the text. You can duplicate a slide easily in Google slides by pressing Ctrl and D at the same time. Change the text on each slide to create several stickers.

How to create stickers in google slides

To export the stickers to the file tab at the top, click on download and then download it as a PNG file. This will make sure you keep the transparent background.

You need to do that for every slide. Once you’ve downloaded all the pictures, you can open up in your downloads folder file to find your newly created stickers.

You are ready to import the stickers to your digital planning app.

There are several other ways using different programs to create digital planner stickers. Here’s a tutorial on how to make stickers inside PowerPoint if that’s the programme you prefer using.

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