How To Add Digital Stickers To GoodNotes

Do you have a set of digital stickers for GoodNotes but no idea how to insert them quickly? Today I am sharing with you the easiest way to add digital stickers to GoodNotes.

One of the best things about digital planners is how you can reuse stickers and create your own sticker books from your favorite designs.

But do you find it tedious adding images one by one to your digital planner using the image tool?

If so then today you’re in luck because I have just the tutorial you need. I will show you an easy way to import several digital stickers at once to GoodNotes.

So let’s get started!

Just a quick note that importing stickers is not the same as importing a planner to the app. Click here to learn how to add a digital planner to GoodNotes.

How Do You Add Stickers To GoodNotes?

The easiest way to put stickers on a PDF in GoodNotes is to open iPad split view. When the screen is split you just need to tap and hold on a image it onto your GoodNotes digital planner.

But you can also just copy and paste a sticker of they are already on a notebook inside GoodNotes, that is how you do in case you have a GoodNotes sticker book.

So, here are the options:

method 1: How to Insert PNG images in goodNotes

You can use the image tool and add an image to your planner. However, this is a tedious process to be repeating for every single sticker you want to add.

Here is the step by step tutorial on how to add stickers to GoodNotes in case you want to import several PNG (or JPEG) files at once:

  • Open GoodNotes to get started.
  • Create a new document to collect all of your stickers in one place or open your planner’s sticker tab.
  • Now start split view on your iPad screen to be able to see your photo folder and planner side by side. To split the iPad screen you need to gently swipe up from the bottom of your screen until you see the dock. The iPad Dock shows your favorite apps or those you that you have opened recently.
  • Tap and hold the app where your stickers are located, then drag it to either side of the screen to start split view.
How To Add Digital Stickers To GoodNotes
  • Once the view is split you use both apps at the same time. Locate your stickers.
  • Tap and hold the sticker for a second to select it then drag onto your digital planner.
How do you add stickers to GoodNotes?
  • Repeat the process for all the images that you want to add to your planner.
  • Once you have imported all the stickers you want just simply slide the folder app to the side to get GoodNotes in full screen.
How to import goodnotes sticker

And you are done. Now just resize and place the sticker wherever you want using GoodNotes lasso tool.

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Method 2: How do you copy and paste stickers in GoodNotes?

If you have stickers in other notebooks inside GoodNotes then you can also easily copy and paste the images to any notebook you want.

This is also the case if you have created or purchased a sticker book with several pre-cropped images. Here’s how you copy them to your planner:

  • Open your sticker book (or the document where you already have the sticker).
Goodnotes sticker book
  • Now use the lasso tool to make a selection of all the items you want to copy.
How do you copy and paste stickers in GoodNotes?
  • Tap on the page again until the option to ‘copy’ the selection appears.
How to copy and paste digital stickers to goodnotes.
  • Go back to the digital planner and, with the lasso tool selected, tap and hold the screen for a second until the option to ‘paste’ pops up.
How to insert stickers in goodnotes digital planners

Click on it to paste the stickers, resize if need and now you have all the stickers in one place.

How to import stickers to goodnotes

And there you have it!

For more GoodNotes tutorials for digital planner be sure to check my other posts.

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