How To Create a GoodNotes Sticker Book

Wondering what a GoodNotes sticker books is and how to make one? Here’s the step by step tutorial on how to create a GoodNotes Sticker Book.

When I was starting my digital planning journey I came accross these stickers books for GoodNotes and I had no idea what it was or how to create them.

I had to search for quite some time before I found out what these digital planning stickers file for GoodNotes were.

So I decided to make this post to explain what these books are and how you too can create a GoodNotes Sticker Book.

When you have these sticker books you don;t have the import PNG sticker files yourself to your application, if you need help with that you can check my post on how to import digital stickers for GoodNotes.

What are GoodNotes Sticker Books?

A GoodNotes sticker book is a file containing a variety of pre-cropped digital stickers that work with the GoodNotes app.

These sticker books are very easy to share with your customers and makes their lives much easier because they don’t have to import the stickers themselves. The file already contains the stickers that are ready to use.

They just need to import this one file and be able to use all the stickers inside it.

How exactly do we create them? I ‘ll walk you through the steps below.

How To Create A GoodNotes Sticker Book?

Let’s first open GoodNotes so I can show you how to do it.

I first create a template for my sticker books, you can create one yourself or just create a blank document in GoodNotes to add all your stickers to. This template of mine is just a PDF page with my brand colors.

Now, to create the stickers book I will have to import all my stickers inside the document. So here I’m basically doing the job that my customer won’t have to do.

The easiest way to import stickers is by splitting the screen and dragging and dropping the images to the notebook.

To do that, swipe up from the bottom of the screen  until you see the dock, now drag your images folder and drop it on the side.

Import the stickers one by one by dragging and dropping them on to the document. At this point don’t worry about resizing or organizing them, just send them to the app.

When you’re done swipe to the side to get the full view of GoodNotes again.

Here you must resize and organize the digital stickers around the page by using the lasso or the image tool. This may take a while.

Now, with all these stickers are in place, it’s time to export the sticker books.

Go back to library and find the sticker book file. Click on the little arrow beside the file name, then click on ‘export all’.

You can export as a PDF, an image or as a GoodNotes file. You want to export it as a GoodNotes file

Choose the location to save and you’re done!

Now when a customer buys these stickers, they can just import this book, in much the same way they would import a digital planner. And they will be able to use all stickers straight away.

This nifty solution here is not just for GoodNotes users, you can create stickers books for Noteshelf, Notability and any other app that allows you to export files in their own app format.

Is It Worth The Time To Make Digital Sticker Books For GoodNotes?

I know you might be wondering if all this is worth the time.

Obviously, you are the only one to know what your time is worth, but just understand that this does add convenience to your customer, and they might prefer buying from stores that go to the extra mile to make things as simple as possible for them.

I also had beta testers when I first started and before I launched my Etsy store and many of them said they prefer stores which they know will give them these GoodNotes stickers.

So it’s definitely something to consider. It’s very likely you’ll sell items without offering these books but GoodNotes is at the present the most popular app for digital planners and you can have an edge by providing them.

I have this little tip if you’re worried about the time you spend here. Is there something else you can do while creating these digital stickers in GoodNotes? I combine this task with other tasks that I can do at the same time and this makes me feel like I’m being productive and useful to my customers at the same time.

For instance you can listen to an Audiobook while you make these digital sticker notebooks. By splitting the view on your iPad you can even watch Netflix while you do it too 🙂

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