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Gold Digital Paper Clips To Make Your Digital Planner Realistic

Want to take your Digital Planning to the next level? Try these gorgeous Gold Digital Paper Clips to make your Digital Planner look just like a traditional planner.

One of the fun things about Digital Planning is getting to use Digital Stickers!

Just like in a more traditional planner you can use stickers to create a theme or style in your planner, make important information stand out or just have them on your pages for some fun.

These paper clips are just like any digital stickers. Once you import them to your planner app you can reuse them as many times as you want.

I have three sets of digital paper clips on the Powerhouse Planner Etsy store , they all come with the full version (the entire clip) and the cropped version (just the top part of the paper clip).

In the video below I will show you what the difference is and how to use them both. Be sure to follow along to see how you can use these cool gold digital paper clips.

Gold Digital Paper Clips

When you purchase something from Powerhuse planners you will get a page similar to the page in the video.

Click on the link on this page to download your items, you can download the items from any device.

Inside this file, in the video you will see I have a folder containing the pre-cropped items ready for GoodNotes. And another folder that has the PNG files incase you do not use GoodNotes.

If you don’t use GoodNotes you can import the stickers by downloading them to your computer or your device and then adding the files to your note-taking application. This is usually done by simply dragging and dropping them once you have downloaded them to your device.

Since I have GoodNotes on my device, I am importing import the sticker book to GoodNotes in the video.

If you are also importing to GoodNotes tap and hold the item file to select it. Then on the 3 dots tab choose the ‘open in’ option. It’s going to prepare to export. Next it will ask you which application to open this item.

Tap to open in GoodNotes.

It’s important to note that even though here it offers the option to open this file in other applications, the GoodNotes file will only open in GoodNotes.

Then import as a ‘new document‘.

Once you open the document you can see you will have the full version of the clip the cropped version.

The full version of these clips will give the impression that the clip is on top of the paper, but with the cropped version you can adjust the clip to look like it’s clipped to a piece of paper, giving a more realistic look.

These Gold Digital Papper Clips are all pre-cropped stickers so just use the ‘lasso‘ tool to select and copy whatever sticker you want to use. In the video I add some sticky notes so you can really see how the full version and cropped version will work on a planner page.

You can find these sticky notes HERE

Know these will look great in your Digital Planner? Get Your Gold Digital Paper Clips HERE

The full version looks more like decoration like on the top right sticky note in the image below while the cropped version at the bottom looks like it is clipped onto the paper just like in real life.

You can mix and match these clips however you want.

On my Etsy store, I have more cute digital stickers. I also have digital paper clips in silver and rose gold colors too.

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