Using Goodnotes for Digital Planning

Are you looking a quick GoodNotes tutorial for digital planners? Read below to find about the basics tools that you need to use GoodNotes for digital planning.

If you are a beginner at digital planning on iPad you might have questions about the PDF planner apps.

GoodNotes is a very popular note-taking app that many planners use for their paperless planning.

I’m gonna go through all the digital planner GoodNotes features that you need to know in order to get started yourself.

So let’s get started!

How To Use A Digital Planner In GoodNotes

Let me give you a quick run of the tools available to you on the documents area.

When you open your app, you will find all your notes and digital planners in the documents’ area.

Here you can select items to export, duplicate, move or delete.

If you click on the ‘plus’ sign you can import a document or create a new one from scratch. In this post I show you how to import documents to GoodNotes, if you aren’t sure on how to do it.

Goodnotes app for digital planning

At the top right you will find the ‘settings tab’ with more options as well.

When it comes to notebook templates you can choose from a variety of covers and paper templates, including a free digital planner GoodNotes template that is quite minimalist but good to get started (these have no linked tabs though).

Then further down we have this separate settings area where you can add backup information, check your stylus settings and handwriting recognition too.

GoodNotes Tools And Digital Planner

So, let’s start by opening a new document.

At the top you’ll find the dashboard with all the tools you need.

Goodnotes for digital planning

To use the hyperlink tabs on your digital planner you need to make sure that you turn this setting on, so that you can click on the links instead of using the pen tool.

to use hyperlink tabs in goodnotes

When you click on a tool on the left you find separate options for these tools on the right-hand side of the dashboard.

For instance, here on the pen tool I can change the color and the nib size of the pen:

Using a goodnotes digital planner

If you click twice on any tool you get an extra set of options.

the pen tool for writing in the digital planner goodnotes

Beside the pen tool you have the eraser and the highlighter tool.

Then the shape tool helps you create shapes easily such as circle, square and triangles.

And here is the lasso tool one of the most important tools. With the lasso tool you can select text or graphics inside your planner then edit, crop or move them around any page or any notebook.

The image and the camera tools let you add graphics to your planner.

And the typing tool that’s in case you prefer typing your notes then handwriting them. Here you can also edit the text by increasing the font size or making the text italic or bold.

And on the ‘add page’ sign you can add images, scan documents or import more pages to
your notebook.

How to add pages to goodnotes planner

Further on a ‘pages’ tab this is where you can see all the pages of your document. You can reorder them, delete or duplicate pages as you wish.

And here is where you can search inside the document, tag pages that are important and export your files.

One thing that I really love about GoodNotes is that you can see your recently opened documents here together one beside each other.

For me it means that I can easily grab digital planning stickers from other documents. I can just simply switch the tabs to grab the sticker and then go back to my document and paste it.

Switch tabs in goodnotes to crop stickers

Here is my tutorial on how to add stickers to goodnotes.

And once you get used to this kind of digital planning you may find that you can simply do everything that you are used to do with your paper planner and more, and decide you don’t want to use paper anymore.

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