How To Add A Digital Planner To GoodNotes

Are you ready to start planning digitally using your iPad? In this tutorial I’ll show you how to get started and add a digital planner to GoodNotes.

GoodNotes is a note-taking app that allows you to use a digital GoodNotes planner to plan your life without missing any feature of a traditional paper planner.

There is a way to even create create a digital planner in GoodNotes because the latest version of the app offers free planner templates, so in fact you can get started straight away without having to purchase a planner at all.

However, the GoodNotes planner templates are very limited in terms of customization and colors. You might soon find yourself shopping for some colorful design that will bring a spark to your daily planning.

Perhaps you even want to design a digital planner yourself in the future!

In that case you will need to import a digital planner to GoodNotes. It’s very simple to get started and I’ll show you in the tutorial below:

How To Add Digital Planners To GoodNotes

There are 2 ways in which you can add a new document to your GoodNotes app.

1. Open file from inside GoodNotes

The first one is from inside the application, by clicking on the ‘plus’ sign to add a new document.

Add a digital planner to goodnotes

You can start from scratch inside the app by creating a new notebook or planner, as the app has a few options in terms of paper styles. But if you have a digital planner with hyperlinked tabs like I have then you want to import a new document.

When you click on ‘import’ a window will open. Locate your file inside your device from there, it can also be stored in the cloud. When you find it, just click on the file and it will open inside GoodNotes.

2. open file from the folder

The second way to add a new digital planner to GoodNotes is to first locate your file.

It might be located on your downloads or photo folder. In my case it’s on my one drive.

Now you must select the document by tapping and holding. Then click ‘share’ at the top.

Share digital planner to goodnotes

Sometimes you find the app that you need to use on this carousel area here or you might find it by pressing the 3 dots at the end.

However, in case it isn’t there, like in my situation you will need to click on ‘Send File’.

Send planner to goodnotes

You should be able to find the compatible app in this window, scroll down if you need to. Then click on ‘Open in GoodNotes’.

Open in goodnotes

When you open the app again click to ‘import as new document’, and now you should see it on your documents area.

And those are the 2 ways in which you can import a new digital planner to GoodNotes.

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