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How To Choose An App For Digital Planning

Most apps listed below will have pretty much the same features and functionalities, with a few exceptions. The difference is basically the interface and whether they are available for iOS or Android devices.

I have tested them all and I prefer using Penly for Android devices and Noteshelf or GoodNotes app for iOS devices. The interface of both apps are so simple, you’ll be able to get started easily without spending too much time learning how to use the app.

However, any of the apps below will do. Just pick one, click on the link to download and let’s get started!

The Best Apps For Digital Planning

NOTE-TAKING APPSDigital Planning on iPadDigital Planning on AndroidNotes
NoteShelf 2✔️✔️A planner app option for Android & iOS
Penly✔️Best app For Android users
GoodNotes 5✔️This is the most popular digital planning app
Notability✔️One of the best note-taking apps for students
ZoomNotes✔️ZoomNotes is a feature-rich application
Xodo✔️✔️Free app compatible with iOS, Android & Windows
A list with the most popular apps for digital planning

Once you picked the app you want to use, just go ahead and install it on your device:

Install your app:


  1. Open App Store
  2. Search for Noteshelf (or your preferred app)
  3. Click to purchase and download
  4. Open Noteshelf


  1. Open Play Store
  2. Search for Noteshelf (or your preferred app)
  3. Click to purchase
  4. Open Noteshelf

Looking for specific App tutorials?

Check out my videos for adding planner, cover and stickers to each of the applications below!

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