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Realistic Digital Planner: How To Make The Best Digital Planner

The best Digital Planners are the ones that have all the features you love about paper planners. Learn how you can easily make a realistic Digital Planner. Perfect for your own personal planner or if you sell Digital Planners.

realistic digital planner

We love Digital Planners. They have so many great things that you don’t get with a traditional paper planner.

But, we do miss some of the features of our old planners. The gorgeous-looking front covers and cute accessories like sticky notes and paperclips. They all go together to make your planner feel like yours, right?

Well, we have some great news.

Thass has been missing some of these realistic planner features so much that she has spent months creating something special. There has been a lot of time and love put into this so we can’t wait to share it with you.

We know you are going to love it as much as us.

What is a Realistic Digital Planner

You may be wondering what we mean by a realistic digital planner. It’s still a planner on a device after all.

When we say a realistic planner it is all about making a digital planner LOOK more like a traditional paper planner. There are lots of ways you can do this but here are some ideas:

  • Textured Front Cover
  • Open Planner details- such as binder rings and page tabs
  • Paper designs
  • Planner accessories – these are things like sticky notes, paper clips, washi tape, and pins

All these little details can make your digital planner experience feel more like using a traditional paper planner as well as creating a fun-to-use…and amazing-to-look-at planner.

Why have a realistic digital planner?

From experience, we have found that if you love your planner, you are naturally going to want to use it more. If your planner makes you smile every time you open your device it makes creating a planner habit so much easier.

Plus you deserve to have beautiful things in your life!

How Do You Make Digital Planners Realistic?

By now we are guessing you really want to make your planner look more realistic. So how do you do it?

Up until now, there have been two ways to do this.

1. Buy pre-made realistic digital planner downloads

Lots of digital planner creators have done lots of the hard work for you by making digital downloads with realistic planner features that you can add to your Digital Planner.

Pros- Everything is done for you so you can just download the files and add them to your Digital Planner. Saving you time and effort.

Cons- These files will often have no or limited customization options available. This means you may find it hard to find just the right products or ones that fit your needs, planner style, or themes.

Check out these pre-made realistic Digital Planner downloads: Ring Binders, Planner Charms, and Sticky Notes.

2. Make Your Own Realistic Digital Planner Features

If you want to create your own realistic features then you can with programs such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Affinity Publisher. With this option, you are only limited by your imagination and capability to learn the programs.

Pros- You can create exactly what you want for your planner.

Cons- The design software to create these features is often expensive and it can be time-consuming to learn how to use them.

Now though there is a third way. And you’re going to love it. Because you can create customizable features, without having to buy or learn specialist design programs.

Keep reading to find out more.

Is There An Easy Way To Make A Digital Planner More Realistic?

The really great news is that you don’t need to learn ( or pay for ) any complicated new design software to make a Digital Planner look more realistic.

Thass has created a completely customizable bundle to create beautiful and realistic planner looks in Canva.

Check out how it works below.

With The Gorgeous Planner Design Bundle, you can:

  • Create unique covers for your planner designs to stand out
  • Change the color of your notebook and rings to match your style and brand with only a few clicks
  • Create unique designs by mixing and matching any element you want
  • Work with the free Canva account and have no extra costs to pay
  • Make smaller digital planner files that don’t lag
  • Easily create multiple versions of your planner with only a few clicks
  • And so much more.

Want to learn more about how you can create realistic planner features with just a click of a button? You can find out everything you need to know HERE. Make sure to check out the bonuses too!

If you sell digital planners then we have even better news. This Digital Planner design bundle comes with a commercial license! Imagine how amazing you can make your planners look for your customers ( and how much extra cash you can make when you stand out from the other sellers online!)

Want to make your digital planners look more realistic? Find out more HERE.


With no design skills… or expensive design programs!?

Gorgeous Planner Design Bundle

Check the Gorgeous Planner Design Bundle!

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