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Penly Tutorials – For Android Users

Penly is in my opinion the best app for Android users. That’s why I’ve created several Penly Tutorials for you to get started with this app.

I used to recommend Noteshelf for Android devices, but after testing Penly for a while I must say that this app has exceeded my expectations.

It has all the features you may need for digital planning and more, some of these features were previously only available to iPadOS iPadOS users, such as the ability of adding an entire folder of stickers in one go and create stickers collections.

If you’ve just downloaded Penly and have no further idea on how to add planners, stickers and how to use the app, then this page was crafted for you.

Check out all of my tutorials on how to use Penly for Android digital panning below:

1. Penly TUTORIAL AND Walkthrough


3. How To Add Digital Stickers To PENLY Planner

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