2 Easy Ways To Import A Document To Penly App

In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to import a digital planner to the Penly App.

You may have already heard about how much I love the Penly app for Digital planning. If not check out my Penly Tutorial HERE to see why I think it’s the best digital planner app for android.

If you are new to using this app then here is a helpful Penly tutorial on how to import a document to Penly. You can use it for all documents but I will be showing you how to import our Digital Journal Kit for Android as an example.

Let’s get started and you can see just how simple it is to import documents to Penly.

How To Add A Digital Planner Android Version With Penly

There are two ways you can import to Penly.

Firstly, for both methods, download your file onto your Android tablet.

1. Importing A Document To Penly Via Your Tablet

When you click on the file download button it will proceed to a pop-up that then allows you to select what app you want to download the document to.

Simply click the Penly icon.

You can now use your document in Penly….yep it’s that simple!

2. Importing A Document To Penly Via The App

The second way to import a document to Penly is inside the Penly App itself.

Once you have opened Penly and are in the dashboard, tap on the plus icon at the bottom right of the screen.

You will then see the option to “Import document”. Tap on this and it will take you to the downloaded files on your Android Tablet. Click on the file you want to import to Penly. You will then find it available to use in your dashboard.

And that’s is, so simple and now you’re ready to start planning!

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