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How To Sell Digital Planners On Etsy In 7 Easy Steps

Learn how to sell digital planners on Etsy with this easy guide to Selling planners online. We show you how to create an income stream on Etsy with digital planners.

Finding a way to make an extra income stream is always a great thing, right? And one that is almost passive income is even better!

Selling Digital Planners on Etsy is a great side hustle that you can do between full-time work, as a stay-at-home Mom, or just for some fun and extra cash.

The good news is that with a little know-how and by following this easy guide you can set up an Etsy store in no time and help people get organized with your Digital Planners.

What IS Etsy?

Etsy was founded in 2005 and the simple way to explain it is as an online Marketplace.

Although it originally started as mainly vintage and handmade products you can find lots of different items on the platform now.

One of the things we love about Etsy is that it is mainly women-owned stores, selling products they’ve made themselves. With lots of those using Etsy as a side hustle income…just like you can.

If you are new to Etsy then we are sure you have some questions. Let’s answer those before we go ahead and learn how to sell Digital Planners online.

Are there fees to sell Digital Planners on Etsy?

Yes. Some of these include listing fees ( a listing is an item you put up for a sale in your Etsy store) and transaction fees. You can find out exact and up-to-date fees here.

How do people find my Digital Planner on Etsy?

A great way to think of Etsy is similar to a search engine such as Google or Ecosia for handmade items. This means you need to learn some of the secrets of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). These are terms and words that people type into the Etsy search when they look for items. Don’t worry, we will cover this more later in the post.

What do I Need To Start Selling On Etsy?

We love telling people about selling Digital Planners on Etsy because it is so inexpensive to start up. All you need is access to a computer and whatever program you have chosen to make your planner with. It is also a great idea to open a separate bank account just for your Digital Planner business. This will make it much easier for taxes, working out expenses, and keeping your personal money separate from business income.

The only other thing that you are going to need is your time!

Now we have covered some basics let’s get started on your very own Etsy Store.

Selling Digital Planners On Etsy

Here are the steps to take to sell Digital Planners on Etsy. It is super simple and anyone can give it a go.

1. Make A Digital Planner

Of course, the first thing you need to do before you open your Etsy store is to create a product that your clients are going to love.

We have a whole post that can help you make a Digital Planner to sell HERE. It’s full of handy tips that will make sure your Digital Planner stands out from others on Etsy.

Find Out More Here: How To Make A Digital Planner To Sell

If you already know all the basics for creating your own Digital Planner be sure to check out our brand-new Gorgeous Planner Bundle. It’s full of features that will create a realistic and amazing-looking Digital Planner. From ring binders to paper clips and sticky notes, these are the unique touches that really make your Digital Planner special..and the best part is that you don’t need to know how to use any difficult-to-learn designer software because all the hard work has already been done for you. Find out more about creating a realistic-looking planner here.

2. Create An Etsy Account

make money selling digital planners

If you use Etsy then you will already probably have a user account which you will need to sign into to create a seller account. If you don’t it’s simple to register.

Head to the Etsy site and in the top right corner of the screen click ‘Sign In’. In the pop-up box that appears you will see an option the ‘Register’ at the top right, click and follow the steps.

Once you are signed in head to the top right of the Etsy screen. The second icon along ( Next to the shopping basket ) is your account. Click ‘Your Account’ and at the bottom of the drop-down menu you will see the option ‘Sell on Etsy’. Click on this option and then simply follow the steps Etsy shows you.

Be sure to create your logo, cover page, and information to help your customers easily see what your Etsy store is all about. You can create these images easily over on Canva with their templates. Try to create a cohesive brand with these. Fonts and colors can help you do this.

3. Create Your Digital Planner Listings

digital planner etsy listing

Now that you have your store you can create your listings.

Somethings to remember when you create your listings to sell Digital Planners on Etsy.

  • Put as much information about your product as you can in your listing.
  • Use photos to share how amazing your Digital Planner is and how it is going to help your customer. You can create desk mock-ups with programs such as Canva to show your customers what your Digital Planner will look like.
  • If you can create videos then definitely try and add one to really make your Digital Planner stand out.
  • Be sure to stipulate that your Digital Planner is a digital product and that they will not be receiving any physical products. And share how they will receive their planner once they purchase from you.

One of the most important parts of your listing is how your customers will find you so let’s chat about SEO next.

4. Use Etsy SEO To Help Customers Find Your Digital Planners

Remember how we mentioned Search Engine Optimization earlier in the post? Now it’s time to use SEO to help your customers find your amazing Digital Planners.

The first thing to think about to sell Digital Planners on Etsy is where to add those words and phrases your customers are going to be searching for. A great place to add keywords is in your listing titles, the listing details, and also the tags for your listing.

But what are your keywords?

A great way to find these is to use Etsy just like your customers will do. Search Digital Planners and see which listings are at the top of the Etsy pages. Are they using keywords that you can use too?

What makes your Digital Planner unique? Does it have a special theme or for a particular customer such as busy Moms or students? These can all be phrases and terms you can have in your listing.

SEO ideas:

Digital Planner, Student Digital Planner, Planner For Business, Digital Planner Download, GoodNotes Planner, Digital Planner With Stickers.

There really is no limit so be sure to plan and think about which keywords are going to be used most by your customers so they can find your product.

Be sure to fill out your titles, descriptions, and tags carefully as these are how your customers will find you.

5. Create Payment Settings For Your Etsy Store

When you are filling out the payment settings you will need to include your tax filing status according to the country you reside in. This will more than likely be ‘individual or sole proprietorship’ if you are just starting, but be sure to research and fill this section out correctly. If you have an accountant they will be able to help you.

You will also be asked to add the banking details of where you want the money from your Etsy sales to go. We already previously mentioned that it is best practice to create a new account that will be just for your Digital Planner business. Trust us it will make it so much simpler when it comes to tax time.

You will also be asked to add credit card details so that Etsy fees can be paid from it. To make this simple you can also select auto-billing so that you don’t forget to pay these monthly fees.

Once you have filled in all this information you can open your store and start to sell Digital Planners on Etsy.

6. Fill Out All The Important Info For Your New Esty Store.

Now that your store is open you need to make sure you have all the information about yourself and your products on hand for your customers.

Be sure to fill out your Bio ( customers love to buy from REAL people with REAL stories) and add a photo.

Most importantly make sure you have your store policies section filled out and correct. Not only will filling this section out thoroughly help you have fewer customer service questions, but it will also help if you have any customer disputes.

Some things to think about in your policy section:

  • Excepted Payment Options
  • Refunds and Exchanges.

It is also a great idea to have your Refund and Exchange policy on each of your listings.

7. Start New Socials and Create A Business Email

To make the buying experience great for your customers it is important you can provide customer service. The best way to do this is to create a special email account so that your customers can contact you and use this for Etsy.

It is always best practice to not use your personal email account for this.

You can simply open up a free Gmail account for this email. Just be sure to check it regularly so you can answer any questions or concerns your customers may have.

Another good idea is to start a social media channel to help push traffic to your Etsy store. Pinterest is a great platform for this but you can use one that appeals to you and that you use often. Again, be sure to set up a business account rather than using your personal accounts to promote your products.

If you have time or love sharing with readers you can also start a Blog. This can help spread the word about your products as well as tell your customers more about you, and your planners. Just remember if this is your side hustle and you are time-poor, you do not need a blog to be a successful Etsy seller.

More Ways To Make Money On Etsy

Want to sell more than just Digital Planners on Etsy?

There really is no limit to what you can create and sell on Etsy. Maybe you want to add Digital Stickers for your planners as separate listings, or special inserts for your planners for different seasons.

Check out this FREE ebook to start to learn how you can make money selling Printables on Etsy here. They also have some great tips on how to bring customers to your Etsy store over in their course!

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