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Easy Guide On How To Make A Digital Planner To Sell

Creating digital planners to sell is not as hard as you may think! Learn how to make a digital planner to sell with these easy-to-follow tips.

Taking the plunge from paper planning to digital planning was one of the best things I have done to help me get my life more organized and productive. I loved it so much that I knew I had to share how amazing they were with as many people as I could.

This is how PowerHouse Planners got started!

If you have found your way to this post then I am guessing they have made a big impact on your life too. Or maybe you are just looking for a way to create an income stream…in which case they are about to make a big impact on your life, trust me!

Keep reading to see just how easy it is to create a digital planner to sell.

Can You Make Money Selling Planners?

Short answer…YES!

Just take a quick look over on Etsy and you will find lots of successful stores selling digital planners. And remember there are many other people selling them through websites and other online avenues.

And the great news is that once you have spent the time planning and creating your digital planner you can resell the product over and over again!

Hello, constant income stream!

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme though, or totally passive income. After you have created your digital planner you will still need to take time getting it to your customers through marketing.

Can I Sell A Digital Planner?

If you take a quick look online you may see that there are already so many Digital Planners for sale on sites such as Etsy. This may leave you wondering if you can sell a digital planner with so much competition.

The good news is… definitely!


Firstly because it is such a fast-growing niche. More and more people are realizing the advantages of going digital with their planning.

Secondly, everyone that uses a digital planner has different likes, wants, and needs. This means that there are customers out there that can’t already find the product that suits them the best…and the personally created Digital Planner by you may be just the one they have been looking for.

This means that by taking the time to plan out a digital planner you can easily create your own online income.

In fact, planning out what you are going to have in your planner is probably the most important ( and sometimes most difficult) part of creating your planner.

Keep reading for the best tips and advice to help you design a planner your customers will love.

How To Design A Digital Planner To Sell

I know you are probably super pumped to start your planner but before you start to physically create your Digital Planner to sell take a moment to go through the steps below.

By doing this you will not only find it much quicker and easier to make decisions about what to include in your planner but it will also help you sell more planners to people that love them.

1. Decide On Your Ideal Customer

This is the number one tip for creating a successful Digital Planner and something I can’t stress enough as being the very first thing you need to do.

By taking this simple step you are going to be able to decide what pages you will need to create in your planner, what style you will need to create, and what is going to draw customers to your planner rather than others that are available.

Take a moment to think about who your planner is going to be for. There is no right or wrong answer here.

A helpful tip is to pick a customer that you are familiar with. For example, if you are a work-from-home Mom, you will probably know exactly what other moms in the same situation as you will need in their planners rather than a school student studying for exams, right?

It is also a great idea to pick a style and niche that you enjoy. If you are bored or dislike the style you have chosen it is going to be much harder to stay on track and motivate yourself to create and sell a planner.

Just a few ideas on customers to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Gardener
  • School Student
  • Teacher
  • Stay-at-home Mom
  • Small Business Owner
  • Online Business Owner
  • Traveler

2. What Are Your Customers Needs and Pain points

Get to know your customer really well!

Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you understand your customer. By doing this you are going to be able to create the best planner for their needs. Be sure to write down the answers so you can keep referring back to them when you are making your digital planner.

  • Who are they?
  • What do they love?
  • What do they spend their time doing?
  • Think about how an average day/week/month may look for them.
  • What do they find difficult/struggle with on day-to-day bases? ( This could be things like forgetting appointments, running out of time for things, etc).
  • What sort of goals do they have?
  • What things in their life do they need to organize or plan for?
  • Who else do they care for?

3. Draft Out Your Digital Planner

Look over all your answers and you will now be able to easily see what kinds of pages your customer needs to get organized and productive.

Think about how your Digital Planner will need to be ordered to make it easier and more helpful for your customer.

As well as the usual planner pages, what unique pages can you add to help them overcome their struggles and difficulties?

Create a rough draft of all the pages you are going to have in your planner and the order they will be in. Don’t forget to include important pages like calendars, to-do lists, and an index page.

4. Choose Your Digital Planners Style

This is always one of the fun parts of creating digital planners to sell for me, selecting the style!

Be sure to have your customer in mind when you do this.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • What color palette will your planner be?
  • What fonts will it have for headings, body text, and notes?
  • Will it include stickers or decorations?
  • What will the front cover look like?
  • What will your customer be able to personalize or choose different versions of?

If you want to take these steps to the next level and start a business selling Digital Planners that make your heart sing then be sure to check out this amazing Passive Income Planner course.

How Do You Make Digital Planners?

The great news is that learning how to create a Digital Planner is not as hard as you may think. After all the planning you have done in the previous steps now you can just follow the simple step-by-step below to get started. You will be creating a Digital Planner to sell in no time at all.

How To Make A Digital Planner

Step 1: Choose A Program To Make A Digital Planner

Once you are up to the stage of actually creating your digital planner the very first thing you will need to do is to pick the program you want to create your Digital Planner in.

This is going to be a personal choice for you. Maybe you are already familiar with a program which is great as you won’t have the learning curve needed for a new program, saving you lots of time and effort.

Or maybe price point is a big factor for you.

To make your choice easier here are 5 of the most popular programs for creating Digital Planners:

  1. Google Slides
  2. PowerPoint
  3. Keynote
  4. Affinity Publisher
  5. Adobe InDesign

To help you decide which program is best for you head over to our post that tells you all the pros and cons of each of these programs to create Digital Planners.

Step 2: Set Up The Digital Planner Document

Once you have selected the program you want to use you will need to set up the document that is going to become your Digital Planner.

Some things you will need to consider are the size of your planner and the page order. The size will be determined by what program you are using and how you are orienting your Digital Planner. Remember that your planner could also be used on various digital devices. You could also offer different sizes of the same Planner to your clients. This is a great way to add some extra value to your Digital Planner for your clients.

Some popular sizes for Digital Planners are A4, US Letter, and A5.

Use your previous planning to help you decide on pages and their order. Think about how your client is going to use your planner and make it as convenient and simple as possible for them.

If this all seems a little too hard or you are time-poor then consider using a Digital Planner Template Kit. These are pre-made Digital Planner pages that you can easily customize to suit your style and clients.

Step 3: Style Your Digital Planner

Once you have your templates all ready you need to consider the overall look of your planner. Some things to think about when creating a planner that looks amazing are:

You can create all these things from scratch or decide to use images and fonts from source websites such as Creative Market. Just be sure to always check you have the license on the items you use if you are planning on selling the Digital Planner you create.

Step 4: Make Your Digital Planner Stand Out From The Crowd

Now you have your basic Digital Planner you will need to add some finishing touches to create the WOW factor. These will be selling points that make your Digital Planner the one your clients want to buy.

One important feature of your Digital Planner is to have hyperlinks throughout your Planner. This makes it super easy for your clients to find the pages they need and creates a professional Digital Planner. Helping get a sale is all about adding extra value to your product, and adding hyperlinks to your Planner is definitely a great way to add extra value.

Another great idea is to create realistic features in your planner. Most digital planners once used traditional paper planners, and they love their Digital Planners to have a realistic aesthetic.

You may also like: How To Create A Realistic Digital Planner

Some ways to make your Digital Planner look more realistic:

  • Textured Cover
  • Ring Binders
  • Sticky Notes
  • Paper clips
  • Washi Tape

The bad news is that to make these items look the most realistic they can you often have to learn how to use professional design programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

But there is some good news…

The Gorgeous Planner Design Bundle is our brand-new product that is going to take your planners to the next level. And it’s super easy to use! Not to blow our own trumpet but this is such a unique bundle that really makes creating stunning planners so easy.

Love the sound of creating realistic-looking digital planners that your customers will love? To find out more, check out all the info HERE.

Once you have completed your Digital Planner make sure to thoroughly test all the features and then you are ready to share it with the World and start selling it.

Where To Sell Digital Planners

There are so many places to sell Digital Planners online, and remember you don’t have to use just one!

  • On a website
  • Through an email list
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Creative Market
  • Social Media

My personal favorite for digital planners to sell though is through Etsy!

You can learn how to sell digital planners through Etsy HERE where I share everything you need to know to about creating your own Etsy store and selling products on the platform.

Make sure that you share your amazing new Digital Planner to get the word out about it. Social Media is a great platform for this. Be sure to show off all the features that make your planner unique and to tell everyone how your planner is perfect for your clients ( use those pain points and needs of your clients you thought about in the planning stage )

I hope that you have found this guide helpful and you are super excited about creating your own amazing Digital Planners to sell.

I wish you the best of luck on your adventure. You’ve got this!

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