How To Add Digital Planners To Notability

Ready to start planning with Notability? Here’s a quick tutorial with different easy ways to add digital planners to Notability.

Notability is a note-taking app that can also be used for digital planning too.

It’s not the app I personally use because of one little setting that made it too difficult in my opinion (if you are curious you can read my quick review on Notability for digital planners here).

However, I know many people use it for notes and schoolwork so if that is the case for you I wouldn’t add a new premium app just for planning.

So, here’s the tutorial on how to add a Notability digital planner for beginners.

How To Add Digital Planner To Notability

Here’s the step by step digital planner tutorial for importing documents to Notability.

When you open the app you will see your notes in this list on the left. Notability’s interface is pretty simple so you should have no problems locating your files.

There are 3 ways in which you can add a digital planner to Notability:

Method 1: Add A digital Planner Inside Notability

To import file you have to click on the top right corner ‘import’ tab, it’s the sign with a narrow pointing down.

You can have your documents in your file in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc, you’ll first ask you to sign up to that provider.

How to import a digital planner to notability

But if you, like me, has the app for your cloud storage provider in your iPad then you can simply search it on your files and get your document from there.

So go ahead and find your document and click on it.

The app will prompt you to choose whether you want to create a new document, or to add the file to an existing document. Just create a new document.

You can change the file name if you want to and you’re done.

Method 2: Import Digital Planner with Split View

The second way to import a document to notability is by splitting the iPad view.

To do that swipe from the bottom of your screen until you see the dock. The dock shows all your recently opened apps and your favorite ones too.

How to drag and drop planners to notability

Tap and hold your folder app and drag it to the side of the screen. Locate the document you want to send to Notability then drag and drop it inside the app.

Method 3: Send Digital Planners To Notability

Another way to import a document to Notability is to first find the folder where your document is located then send it to the app.

Tab and hold on the item you want to import. Then press ‘share’.

How to send digital planners to notability

Click on the Notability icon and create a new document to import.

Now, when you go back to Notability you should see your file here.

And that’s how you can add, import or send digital notebook and planners to Notability.

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How To Add Digital Planners To Notability