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Ztotop iPad Case Review – Is It The Best iPad Case?

Are you looking for the best iPad case with pencil holder? In this Ztotop iPad case review I’ll show you my favorite iPad case and why I love it so much.

I have been asked by some readers of Powerhouse Planners what my suggestion is for an iPad case that holds the apple pencil well.

I have tried several different cases – I’ll be sure to make reviews for them too – but the bottom line is that I always suggest the Ztotop cases and I’m going to show you why.

First, let me clarify that this is not a sponsored post. I purchased both of my Ztotop cases and I have been using them for several months.

So let’s check some of the features that make this case such a winner. You can follow along in the video below.

Leather Ztotop iPad Case Review

The product is of excellent quality. It fits the shape of the iPad perfectly, it secures it really well and it is never in the way of any button. In the case of the iPad pro, it is also not in the way of the magnetic edge that the pencil connects to.

Another thing really important feature is the side pencil holder. I recommend an iPad case with pencil holder for anyone using a 1st generation pen because it’s loose, and you need somewhere to keep it.

I know other cases have pencil holders but this is the most convenient place to hold your pencil in my opinion. Other cases have a rubber place for the pencil that can work well but this is still much easier to access and put the pen back in place.

With this iPad case, you also get 3 different stands so you can adjust for whatever kind of work you are doing or surface you have your iPad on.

The cover has a magnetic closure so the screen auto sleeps and wakes. This is a common feature in most cases.

And I also love that the front cover is hard, so it doesn’t have those sections that most covers do. When you flip it to the back you have a completely leveled surface to work with – this is not the case for all the covers I have tested, especially when the pencil holder is on the cover so it makes one side of the cover a bit bulkier so when you flip the cover to the back it is not 100% leveled.

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    And the thing I love the most about the Ztotop case is the hand strap – this is a game changer!

    If you are using your iPad away from a desk you must hold it to be able to work on it, right?

    But there is very little space around the iPad to hold, without touching the screen, and if you just place your hand on the back it doesn’t feel so secure and doesn’t give enough support and put pressure on every corner of the screen.

    But this hand strap is the solution for that.

    It feels very secure when I’m holding it straight up, and I can turn around as you can see in the video, or put it in a total vertical position. This gives me so much more freedom than if I was just holding on to the edge of the iPad.

    You can check these covers out on Amazon, it has stellar reviews, and most consumers love them. And as for the price I paid around £15 for each of these iPad cases. I have paid anything from £11 to £19 on my cases so the price is fairly average, but this is a better product than any other that I have had.

    So I totally recommend it and think it is a great product.

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