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3 Free Things To Do Before You Buy Your First Digital Planner

Getting started with Digital Planning can be expensive. And what happens if you decide Digital Planning is not for you? All that money is wasted. Here are 3 Free Things To Do Before You Buy Your First Digital Planner.

If you want to start digital planning it can seem like you need to spend lots of money before you even begin. Lots of posts will tell you, to get the latest iPad, then a stylus and that’s before you buy a Digital Planner, Digital stickers, and more.

The good news is that there are things to do before you buy your first Digital Planner that won’t cost you any money at all.

Keep reading to find out how you can try digital planning for free.

Things To Do Before You Buy Your First Digital Planner

Here are 3 things to do before you buy your first digital planner:

1. Try A Free Digital Planner

You don’t need to buy a Digital Planner. You can try out a free sample.

Why? Well, you have got to try and see if this digital planning thing is for you, right? Especially if you’re wondering if you should switch to digital from paper planning.

Although these free planners will not have all the bells and whistles that come with a digital planner kit they are great to see if you enjoy planning digitally before you spend money on a more comprehensive planner.

I have a gorgeous FREE undated planner. Just join my FREE DIGITAL PLANNER HUB and you can access it right away. It also comes with other free goodies like Digital Stickers so you can test those out too.

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    2. Test With The Device You Already Own

    Test it with the smartphone, iPad, or Android tablet that you already have.

    I cannot tell you how many times I have seen beginners asking in Facebook groups whether they need an iPad pro to start digital planning and others have told them to buy the largest, most expensive with the most storage space device ever… Seriously these cost over 1500 dollars!

    Even if you have that kind of money available to spend, please do not buy a new device before you’re ready to embrace the digital planning world.

    It’s true that having the best digital planner accessories can make your Digital Planning more fun and effective but if you just want to try Digital Planning to see if it suits you then you could potentially waste a lot of money on items you may never use again.

    3. Use A Free Note-Taking App

    To use Digital Planning, you will need a Note-taking App. There are lots to choose from and you can spend money on purchasing one with lots of great features.

    If you are just getting started though you can try a free app to get an idea of how these work for Digital Planning. Xodo is free for both Android and IPad users so is a great place to start.

    Try Xodo for Free here

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    After you give Digital Planning a go with free products, your own device, and a free note-taking app and decide you want to use Digital Planning you’ll know exactly what you need (both in terms of digital planners and the devices to use). Then you can go ahead and choose a product that suits your needs.

    Enjoyed finding out these things to do before you buy your first Digital Planner? Ready to learn more about digital planning?

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