Stop Scrolling! 9 Easy Ways To Be More Productive

Try These Simple Hacks To Make Your Time More Productive

It can often seem like we never have enough time. And I get it…life is so hectic these days. 

But we all know those people that seem to have more hours in their day than everyone else. I’m sure you know at least one, if not a few. They are always doing a project or accomplishing those things that seem to never get done on your own wishlist. 

So how do they get more hours? Well, they don’t! 

Want to know their magic trick?

They’ve mastered being productive!

Want to know something even better? You can master it too. I have so many posts with tips and hacks to help you be more productive. Find them HERE.

But I know that it can seem so overwhelming to start changing habits. That’s why today I thought I would share a super-easy way for you to be more productive which you can begin today.

Make your time after work productive.

Keep reading to find out how easy it is to get productive after work and why you should start right away.

How To Be Productive After Work

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I know that after a busy day at work it can be so easy to get into your P.J’s turn on Netflix or start scrolling on your phone ( maybe you do both at the same time?). Then before you know it you’ve been staring at your screen for hours and it’s time to go to bed….to do it all again tomorrow. 

Before you turn to your screen today, why not try a small but powerful change by deciding to do something productive? Even if you only do an hour or two of these new habits before watching some tv then you are guaranteed to start making some real positive changes in your life.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Learn Something

This doesn’t mean you need to learn an instrument or a new language ( although if you do, that’s great!). It can be as simple as learning a new recipe, finding out about an event in history, or grasping a concept that’s new to you. Just as long as you are soaking in some new knowledge and getting your brain working.

All those great people you see that do amazing things with their lives have a thirst for learning and are constantly stretching their grey matter. 

There are so many ways to learn too! 

You could:

  • Read a book
  • Listen to a Podcast
  • Listen to an Audiobook
  • Watch a Ted Talk
  • Learn a language through Duolingo
  • Watch a documentary

Just be sure you give your full concentration to what you are learning. Maybe block your social media apps for a few hours or even just turn off your phone.

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2. Start A New Hobby

Is there a hobby you always wanted to try but kept thinking you didn’t have the time? Or maybe you used to have a hobby you loved but haven’t practiced for a while. 

Why not make time after work? 

A hobby can be anything from gardening to making models. It could be about doing something that will help you reach your goals or just something that gives you joy. It is also okay to experiment with new hobbies until you find one you love. 

Here are some ideas where you could try new hobbies:

  • Find an online course through Skillshare
  • Go to a class in your neighborhood
  • Ask friends or families if they have a hobby they want to teach you or practice with you.
  • Buy supplies and learn by yourself with Youtube or books.

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    3. Get Creative

    Being creative is a wonderful way to get happy and destress. And before you say you’re not creative, everyone is! There are so many ways to be creative!

    Maybe you want to try some adult coloring, knit something, take a photograph, write a short story, make up a recipe or redecorate the house. The list is endless. 

    Getting creative is all about having fun, making something, and losing yourself in the process. It’s okay for things not to be perfect and to make mistakes.

    4. Move Your Body

    Moving your body is a great way to have fun, and feel better.

    This doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym either. Here are some ways you can get off the couch and move to boost your mood and health:

    • Take a walk outside. Maybe with a friend, your dog…or borrow a dog!
    • Try a new class. Dancing, yoga, boxing, Zumba….there are so many choices.
    • Follow an online class or video. Again this could be dance or general fitness. Do what you enjoy.
    • Try something new and fun. Maybe you would like to Hula Hoop, Roller Skate, or try Ariel. Find a club or class near you and give it a go. Or ask some friends to start with you. 
    • Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood. 
    • Use any equipment you have at home and create a fitness routine. Maybe a jump rope, kettlebells, or anything else you may have gathering dust.
    • Dance around your living room. It’s free and fun.

    5. Get Organized

    Having your life organized is a surefire way to being more productive, less stressed, and more successful. 

    By taking a little time in the evening to get organized you will be surprised at how much time you will save yourself during the day and how much more you can get done. 

    I suggest that you start small and just do a little each evening. If you try to organize your whole house one night, for example, I can guarantee it will end in frustration. Make a list with small actionable steps you can take each night. 

    Here are some things you can start to organize to get you on track:

    • Your home. Declutter and put everything in easy-to-access places so you never have to waste time searching for things again.
    • Your finances. Take time to see what you do with your money and then create a budget that works towards your financial goals.
    • Your life. Okay, this seems like a big one but by using a simple tool like my Digital Life Planner to start writing things down, making plans, and having everything easily accessible in one online space you will be amazed at what a difference it will make.  

    6. Create Some Goals

    The easiest way to make things happen is by having a concrete goal. You can then break this goal down into manageable and actionable steps and really make those big dreams happen. 

    You can create goals for all parts of your life. It is best to not overwhelm yourself though and just start with a few.

    Some ideas to get you started on creating some goals:

    • A savings goal. Maybe for an exciting trip or a luxury item, you would like to splash out on.
    • A health goal. Perhaps 10,000 steps a day, or you want to run a marathon. It can be as big or small as you like.
    • A career goal. What is your career goal? How can you work towards this?
    • A long time, dream BIG goal. 
    • Create a bucket list with lots of things you want to achieve.

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    7. Get Planning

    Planning is such an easy way to be productive and you could plan so many things! Have fun with it.

    Maybe you want to:

    • Meal Plan – Save money, time and get healthy
    • Plan a trip – Have fun looking at where to go, where to stay, and activities to do.
    • Plan a catch-up with friends or family. Make a date and book a fun new location. 
    • Plan a garage sale or sell things around the house you don’t use anymore online.
    • Plan your week and month ahead. 

    8. Be Social

    Liking someone’s post on Instagram or Facebook does not count here!

    Human connection makes us happy, it’s so simple. And there are so many ways you can make a connection, just be sure to put your phone away and really soak it up. 

    Why not:

    • Call a friend for a chat.
    • Organize a dinner catch-up with someone
    • Write someone a real letter and post it to them
    • Invite someone over for dinner
    • Have a games night with friends
    • Go, volunteer. A great way to socialize while doing good. 
    • Zoom or Facetime someone that lives far away from you

    9. Begin A New Self-Care Practise

    Looking after yourself is vital to your health and happiness. By taking a little time each day to do something to relax you will find that you feel so much better. This often leads to you filling your life with more purpose and productivity as you have more energy and well-being. 

    Some ideas for self-care are:

    • Start a gratitude journal
    • Mediate
    • Have a bubble bath
    • Play with your pets
    • Pamper yourself with a facemask or mini pedicure. 
    • Journal
    goal setting planner

    I hope that this list has given you some ideas to start your productivity journey. Remember that it is a journey rather than a destination!

    It’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s okay for it all to be a little too much some days and you just need a break. But my guess is that once you start being more productive you will feel happier and want to keep on track! Going to bed feeling like you have accomplished something will give you a buzz that you will want to keep creating.

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