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5 Ways To Be More Productive – Easy Time Management Hacks For Busy Moms

Try These Simple Hacks To Use Your Precious Time More Productively

Being a Mom is hard work! 

Not only do you have to get all your own stuff done but you are often making sure everyone else in the family is on track. 

It can be overwhelming and stressful. You can feel like you’re failing.

But there are ways you can make your life run smoothly, reduce stress and be more productive. And you don’t need to be Wonder Women to make them happen. 

Keep reading to find some simple time management hacks that will help your day be more productive.

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1. Get Realistic With Your Goals

One of the biggest causes of Moms being super stressed is that they aren’t achieving their goals for the day. But this isn’t because you are not doing enough…actually the reverse is true. 

It is human nature to overestimate what we can do in a day. 

You are trying to do too much!

Having too many unrealistic goals doesn’t mean you will get more done. If you are constantly feeling overwhelmed, rushed, and stressed you will actually get less done than if you have fewer goals that get completed. 

Action Step – Before creating your goals, take note of how long something takes you to do (when you are fully focused on it). Once you are more aware of this then start creating realistic goals for the day and week. 

Another great hack is when setting your goals, remember to think about what tasks other family members can do (you don’t have to do everything!).

Ticking off a shorter to-do list is going to make you feel like you have achieved much more than a half-finished longer list.

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2. Write It Down

Having a constant list of things to do swirling around in your mind is a surefire way to maximize your stress levels. The simple task of writing down your to-do list, goals, and schedule can reduce stress, help you sleep better, and make you more productive.

Writing down tasks also helps you prioritize what is important. If you know you only have a set amount of time then you will find you start doing those tasks that really need doing.

I love having three most important tasks each day for this reason. These are the three chores I need to do, anything else is a bonus.   

Action Step – Experiment and find a system that works for you. 

I love using my digital planner to make sure I am on top of my tasks for the month, week, and day. Everything I need is in one convenient location and it’s super simple to organize and update.

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    3. Stop Multitasking

    It is a common misconception that multitasking is the best way to get lots more done. 

    You may feel like you are getting so many more tasks ticked off your list but the reality is that you are probably wasting time.

    By swapping and changing between tasks or getting distracted your brain finds it hard to concentrate on what it has to do, meaning you get less done. 

    Of course, there are times you may do two tasks at once, such as listening to a podcast while cleaning. But select these multi-tasks carefully. 

    Action Step- Focus on one task at a time from your to-do list before moving on to the next task. To make this work even better, allow yourself a set time to complete the task ( making sure it is realistic and try keeping a timer on your phone so you stick to it) and create a workflow where your tasks run smoothly rather than chopping and changing. 

    For example, if you work from home, set time aside to check your emails then do small admin tasks or work rather than, check your emails then do housework and come back to your work. 

    This will not only save you time but by completing related tasks you will find you are more productive as your brain is already in the right “mode” and isn’t swapping and changing.

    4. Create Routines

    When you have so much to do it can be easy to get side-tracked, forget things, and always be chasing your tail.

    By creating simple routines you will find that you start to automatically do the most important tasks for that day. This can save you so much energy and headspace. 

    I am not naturally a domestic goddess and if I have a mountain of cleaning to do I will procrastinate spectacularly. So instead I break down my cleaning into easy, manageable tasks that I do daily. Mondays I dust, Tuesdays wipe down bathrooms, etc.   

    Action Step –  Think about tasks that need doing regularly and create a routine that works for you and your family. This works especially well with things like cleaning, fitness, and meal prepping.

    5. Take A break

    This one may seem counterproductive to getting more done but by taking short breaks to refocus and take a breath you will be able to concentrate better and be more productive. 

    If you don’t look after yourself mentally and physically you will be tired, emotional, and unwell. This naturally stops you from being more productive. And let’s face it, if Mom doesn’t have it all together then a lot of the time everything falls to pieces in the household. 

    Action Step – When writing down your tasks remember to add in some downtime. It could be five minutes to have a cup of tea, 10 minutes to play with the kids, or reading a chapter of that book you can’t put down. Whatever works for you! Just be sure to stick to the time you allow yourself. 

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    I hope this list helps you to make use of your time more productively.

    Remember there are still going to be days when it all goes wrong, or unexpected things happen. Be kind to yourself and just remember how much you have achieved rather than focusing on what you haven’t done.

    You’re a super Mom and a rockstar! You’ve got this!

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