How To Use Noteshelf For Digital Planning

Are you searching for an application to use with your digital planners? Let me give you a quick review of Noteshelf for digital planning.

Noteshelf is my note taking app of choice for digital planning and I am going to show you why I love it so much.

First, Noteshelf is available for download on both App Store and Google Play. Yes, thank you Noteshelf for developing an app for android users too!

Second, it’s very simple and very intuitive, you will be up and running with your planning in no time.

And 3rd, it offers a fantastic library of free content that you can use prior to purchasing other planners, to see if you really like this style of planning.

So, how do we get start digital planning with Noteshelf?

I am going to walk you through all the basic tools and settings to get your started below!

Noteshelf Review for Digital Planners

First thing you see when opening the app is the ‘My Notes’ tab, here you will find all notebooks you create or import.

If you click on this folder icon on the top left you can see your categories and the recently opened documents. The settings tab lets you set a variety of things such as your library appearance, your type of handwriting and the cloud service used to back up your documents.

Noteshelf review for digital planners
The folder icon shows your categories and the recently opened documents

And of course you can search to find a particular document.

Now, to start using a notebook you can either create one from the templates available or import a digital planner to the app. Click here to learn how to import documents to Noteshelf if you need further help with that.

If you click on the plus sign you can add a new notebook from the free templates, there are many options for both covers and paper style, including a minimalist planner template.

how to use noteshelf for planning
Click on the plus sign to add a new notebook

Inside any notebook you can add extra pages just by sliding the page to the left or right to add extra pages in that direction.

noteshelf for digital planning
Noteshelf’s editing tools

In the top left corner, there are several options to change template, add items to the document, rotate the notebook and add a password for instance. And you can go back using the arrow.

The tools here in the center are what you will use the most for digital planning and writing:

  • Pen: With the pen tool you have many options, you to change pen sizes, color and styles.
  • Highlighter: The highlighter tool can be customize just like the pen tool.
  • Eraser: you can change the eraser size.
  • Text tool: in case you don’t want hand-write you can also just type notes.
  • Lasso tool: The lasso tool which let’s you move things around the paper. You can move text, images, and stickers, resize and edit these items as you wish.

On the righ side we have some handy tools too:

You can also create shapes easily with Noteshelf, by using the shape tool you can create circles, squares or triangles that are symmetrical as the app fixes them for you. This is great to add extra boxes to your planner for instance.

The text box tool is great for handwriting and it zooms in the page and allows you to write easily with your pens without taking all the space in your page.

And finally the page tab options give you a view of all the pages in the document, from here you can duplicate, delete or reorder pages.

arrange pages in the noteshelf planner
Noteshelf planner pages

Now let’s do a quick planning to show you how you would use it in reality for digital planning.

For this tutorial I am using my planner that I have already imported to the app, I will leave the link below to this planner on my Etsy shop.

The planner has hyperlinked tabs which lets you easily navigate through the main pages.

When it comes to adding notes to the digital planner you can use the pen tool and highlighter.

Then fill in the tracker templates, add new graphics to decorate and of course add more stickers to the collection.

Then drag, drop and move things with the lasso tool to make it the way you want.

A digital planner gives you a lot of flexibility and once you get used to this new style you might not want to go back to paper planning.

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