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How To Organize Your Life In 5 Easy Hacks

Organized people aren’t born organized. To get your life in order you have to develop a system of healthy habits, but anyone can do this. Here are 5 tips on how to organize your life.

Are you feeling like your life and home are totally chaos at the moment and nothing can get you back on track?

I get it!

The current situation we’re living in has increased the amount we people who have to work from home while juggling life routines, kids, homeschooling and so much more.

We all know the benefits of having habits when it comes to staying organized. But how can we achieve this when your routine and habits seem to change every other day?

How can you organize your life and where on earth do you even start?

It may seem overwhelming, but like most things in life, getting started is the hardest bit.

So, how to get your life organized and back on track? Here are 5 ways to organize your life that you can put into practice today!

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    How To Organize Your Life

    1. Prioritize your top 3 tasks to focus on

    Your morning routine (or night routine if you prefer) should include an activity to help you determine what are your 3 focus tasks of the day.

    Why only 3? We want to set ourselves for success, not for failure.

    The truth is that in general we plan and expect of ourselves far more than we can accomplish. We make our plans without a buffer, without accounting for the downtime and disruptions of daily life. Assuming we can push hard all day long and every day despite the occurrences in our environment.

    This is a surefire way to burn-out and make yourself feel like a massive failure every single day.

    So, what’s a better way to be more organized?

    The secret is to focus on 3 important tasks every day. The 3 things you absolutely must or need to achieve on any given day.

    Don’t be surprised if, once you achieve these tasks, you feel a renewed sense of energy to go and do more. This happens because by keeping the number of daily tasks small and achievable (and being able to tick off things on your to-do list) you’ll feel much better about your day. This will then start to become a habit and that will ultimately lead you to a more organized life.

    This simple system is amazing because you can focus on business tasks, household tasks, healthy habits tasks – simply whatever you need to get your life more organized.

    If you’re wondering how to organize everything in your life then a digital planner is what you’re looking for.

    In my planners, I always include the top 3 priority tasks that I use to write down my focus tasks of the day – and it works every time!

    I use my digital planner to write down my 3 top focus activities of the day

    2. Adopt the “one-minute” rule

    You know those things you say you “don’t have time for” or “take all your time”?

    Well, some of these tasks take 1 minute or less and they will make you feel so much more organized!

    So, what’s the one-minute rule?

    This rule was made famous by Gretchen Rubin in her Happiness podcast, and its simplicity is just brilliant.

    Though it’s been designed to make cleaning the house easier, you could adapt it to use in other areas of your life too.

    To put it in simple words the 1-minute rule is simply doing tasks that you can complete under 1 minute.

    Things you can do under 1 minute to keep your home organized could be: empty the trash can, put a load of laundry in the machine, make your bed or clean a worktop.

    This technique works because all these little efforts add up, but we are often put off by the number of little things we have to do – lots of these tasks feel overwhelming.

    By breaking up the tasks into small 1-minute activities you’re giving yourself the best chance to organize your house, or life in a way that doesn’t feel like much effort at all.

    How can I use the 1-minute rule effectively?

    Here’s what I do (and feel free to steal this game for your family too): a 5-minute family decluttering challenge.

    I involve everyone in my family in this challenge. We set the clock for 5 minutes and the goal is to do as many little tasks as possible (all the 1-minute tasks you can do).

    It turns out we can do so many things in under 1 minute: decluttering the desk, putting things back in their place, organizing letters, folding clothes, etc.

    Whoever gets the most done gets to decide what movie we watch on our next family movie night. Everyone wants to win!

    3. Start using a finance planner

    A very important part of life organization involves finances and budget.

    If you don’t organize your finances then you won’t feel like your life is organized at all, even if other aspects of it are.

    A budget and finance planner could be just what you need to help you keep track of your income and expenses and manage your entire financial situation.

    Tackling your finances and becoming more organized can help to save you a significant amount of stress.

    You can use a printable finance planner, or digital planner inserts to keep on top of your revenue and budget situation or even use it to determine where you need to make changes.

    4. Make self-care a priority

    Even the best organizational tips aren’t going to help you if you neglect your self-care and mental health.

    When you practice adequate self-care, every aspect of your life can be improved upon, including organization.

    How are you going to get your life organized if you feel like you lack the energy to do all the things you need to do? Or if your attention is always divided between work and family routine? How are you supposed to get things in order when you can never concentrate on your tasks?

    Developing a more organized life means also addressing some self-care issues you might have.

    Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup.

    Taking care of our minds, bodies, and spirits is the best way to organize your life, your businesses, and your family while helping you to feel healthier, well-rested, and more successful.

    5. Make sure everything has a place

    An organized house is a place where your creativity can thrive, your mind can rest, and your body can enjoy. So, there isn’t a way to be truly organized if the space around you isn’t.

    So, go around making sure everything has its own place to live, from office to kitchen.

    A good tip to make sure everything has a place is to always keep similar items together; it’s easy to find and organize them.

    There are so many ways to organize your life and the above are just 5 to get you started.

    Once you get into the habit of focusing on your 3 most important tasks in a day, get your finance organized, keep your house decluttered and prioritize your self-care you’ll find it a lot easier to keep other areas of your life organized too.

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