How To Import Digital Planners To ZoomNotes

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to import digital planners to ZoomNotes app.

In ZoomNotes you can create new documents or import a digital planner by pressing the ‘plus’ sign on the top left corner of the app.

If you click on import you will see that you can go to your photos folder, take a picture or scan a document.

Your items can also be on the cloud and ZoomNotes put the links easily for you to download here.

However, if it is the first time that you are trying to import a file that is hosted on the cloud the app will ask you to log in to the cloud provider first.

So, you can go here, log and then click on the item you want to import.

However, I already have my cloud provider app on this iPad so instead of logging in again from ZoomNotes I will drop my document by splitting the iPad view.

This is also a great way to import your document if your digital planner or digital notebooks are in another folder inside your app that isn’t the photo folder.

So below I will show you the 2 ways in which you start your digital planning journey by adding a digital planner to your ZoomNotes app.

How To Import Digital Planners To ZoomNotes

Method 1: Drag And Drop Planners To ZoomNotes

To split view just swipe the bottom of your iPad screen up until you see the dock. The dock shows all your favorite and recently opened app.

I have my OneDrive set to appear on my dock, but if your document is in another folder that doesn’t always show on your dock then you can open the folder for a second and it will appear as the recently opened apps.

Now to split the view just tap and hold on the folder that contains your document and drag and drop it on the side of the screen.

Now you can use both apps at the same time.

Once you locate what app you want to import to ZoomNotes just simply drag and drop the file to ZoomNotes and you are done!

Method 2: Send Digital Planner To ZoomNotes

Another way to import a document is to first locate it on your folder. Then tap and hold to select the document. Then at the top you need to press on the ‘share button’.

In this new window you might find ZoomNotes at the top, if that is not the case for you you need to click on ‘send files’.

If you scroll down in the window now you should see the button to ‘ZoomNotes’. When you open the app again it will ask you how you want to import that file to ZoomNotes. Click on create a new document and you are done!

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