Easy Guide On How To Create Custom Paper In Noteshelf

Want to create a custom notebook paper template in Noteshelf but have no idea how? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create custom paper in Noteshelf.

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If you use Noteslef then you probably already know that Noteshelf 2 has several paper templates that you can choose from.

You can also get many extra templates from the Noteshelf club which is the in-app store on Noteshelf. Be sure to take note when you select these as some of them will come with a fee.

However, sometimes we need a specific template to work with and in this situation, you really want to include your own templates in your notebook.

Although this can sound tricky to do the good news is that it is actually very simple.

So let’s learn how to create custom paper in Noteshelf. You can follow along with this post in the video below.

Create A Notebook With Custom Paper In Noteshelf

The very first thing you will need is an image or a PDF file of your template.

In the video, I use a classic blue ruled school notebook PDF template that I created in PowerPoint using the table tool and the line tool. It was super easy to create.

But you can use printable pages, images, or any PDf that works for you.

Now open up your Noteshelf App. Tap on the ‘+’ icon that is at the top right of the Noteshelf screen to create a new notebook.

Next tap on the paper option to choose your notebook paper.

Now go to the ‘custom’ tab from the side menu to choose from one of your existing templates or add a new one.

In the video, I click on the image sign to add my template as I imported the customer paper I made in Powerpoint to my device as a JPEG. If your custom paper is a PDF make sure you select that option or you won’t be able to find the file you need.

You need to locate your file and just tap it to add it. Now it’s in your library and you can just choose that template to use.

You can change your notebook name once you have selected it so that you can locate it easily in your library and then tap to create it.

And now you have a custom paper file in Noteshelf that you can use any time you need.

If you want to learn more about how to use Noteshelf I have several video tutorials specific to this app. Click here for all my Noteshelf Tutorials.

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    How To Create Custom Paper In Noteshelf

    How To Create Custom Paper In Noteshelf