How To Create Custom Paper In Noteshelf

Want to create a custom notebook paper template in Noteshelf but no idea how? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create custom paper in Noteshelf.

Noteshelf 2 has several paper templates that you can choose from.

You can also get many extra templates the Noteshelf club, but some of them will come with a fee.

However sometimes we need a specific template to work with and in this situation you really want to include your own templates to your notebook.

Here’s how to do it.

Create A Notebook With Custom Paper In Noteshelf

First you need an image or a PDF file of your template. In my case here I’m gonna use a classic blue ruled school notebook PDF template that I created in PowerPoint using the table tool and the line tool. It was super easy to create.

But you can use printable pages, images or any PDf that works for you.

Now in Noteshelf, click on the plus sign to create a new notebook.

Click on the paper option to choose your notebook paper.

Now got to the custom tab to choose form one of your existing templates or add a new one. I will click on the image sign to add my template.

You you locate your file just click to add. Now it’s in your library, just choose that template.

Here you can change your notebook name and create it.

And you’re done! I’m super happy with my new blue ruled notebook. Perfect sized rules for writing without having to zoom in.

If you want to learn more about how to use Noteshelf I have several videos tutorials specific for this app.

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How To Create Custom Paper In Noteshelf