How To Add Stickers In ZoomNotes

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add stickers in ZoomNotes, regardless if they are located in your photo folder on in the cloud.

ZoomNotes has many features and the interface is a little bit more complicate than other apps I have used.

But once you get the gist of working with it you can actually see why some people love it s much.

So I have a tried a few methods on how to import stickers to ZoomNotes and I’m sharing the step by step below.

I have a sticker tab in my digital planner where the stickers will be inserted. The blank page sticker template can duplicate several times if needed, to add all the stickers you may want. Check my store to shop digital planners!

So, let’s get started by opening the application and the document where you want to add your stickers.

So, how do we add digital stickers to ZoomNotes?

How To Add Stickers To ZoomNotes Digital Planner

There are actually 2 methods that I found. The first one is for when your stickers are located in your photo folder.

The second one is for when you have your stickers in the cloud.

Method 1: Insert Stickers In ZoomNotes From The Photo Folder

If your stickers are located in your photo folder you just need to click on the tools bar and find the image tools.

If you want to add a collection of stickers you just need to click on the image icon then locate your stickers, select them and import.

Once they are imported you can crop, resize and reorganize them however you want.

Method 2: Import Stickers In ZoomNotes From A Cloud Storage

But if your stickers are not on your photo folder, like my ones which are on the cloud, you need to split the iPad screen in order to be able to drag and drop your stickers to ZoomNotes.

To split the view swipe up from the bottom of the screen until you see the iPad dock. Here you will find your favorite apps and the ones you used recently.

My stickers are in my OneDrive folder so I’ll hold this app and drag and drop it on the side of the screen to start the split view.

After I find my stickers I just need to drag and drop them inside ZoomNotes.

Once I’m done, I’ll swipe OneDrive to the side to get the full screen again.

Now the only thing I have to do is to resize and organize my stickers however I want.

Once you have your stickers inside the app it’s a lot easier to re-use them in other documents. With the lasso tool selected I can just tap and hold any sticker until this selection of options appears.

From here I can copy and paste this in any other document or in other pages of this document.

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