How To Add Links In ZoomNotes

Wondering how to create links in your PDF documents using ZoomNotes? This tutorial will teach you how to add links in ZoomNotes Planners and Notebooks.

Here’s a quick step by step tutorial on how you can add hyperlinks in ZoomNotes.

At the end you’ll know how to add links to pages inside a document you are working on but also links to other documents inside your ZoomNotes library.

When you get a digital planner or digital notebook with linked tabs your job of navigating through the document is much easier.

But sometimes you want to customize your links in your notebook to go straight to a page that you work on very often. And that’s is possible in ZoomNotes.

I’m going to show you how to do that using my digital planner!

How To Create Links In ZoomNotes

method 1: add links to other pages of your document

Let’s say that, for instance, I’m working on a report for school or work and I am just writing down some thoughts inside my document.

I could use my ruled paper template to write on, but I keep having to revisit this page as my ideas come to mind.

I want to insert a link on my to do list to go straight to this page I am working on.

To do that first I’ll note what page number this is inside of my document. Click on the pages tab to find this number.

This is page 132 of my planner. Now let’s go back to my to do list to add a link to it.

What I want to do is to create a polygon shape, you can find it by clicking on the tools bar at the top and then find the polygon tool under drawing tools.

Now I’ll create a shape that covers the area I want linked to my report. Don’t worry about the color for now, we’ll fix it in a minute.

If I click on the top here, you can I have a lot of options for this shape. And the one that I’m interested in at the moment is the link option.

Click on this link to see all the options. You can link something from the web, something you have bookmarked in ZoomNotes, a page inside this document or function.

In this case I want to link to a page inside the document, so I’ll link to a page. You can scroll through the document, but my planner is large and that would take longer, that’s the reason I noted the page number before.

The page I want to link is 132 so I will type it in this box and press return key. And now, when I click on that shape it should take me straight to page 132.

The last thing to do is to make this shape transparent so we don’t see the colors.

So, go back to the shape options and uncheck the option for color fill and uncheck the option for border.

The link is now placed without any color. But this is not the coolest thing about these links though. You can also add links to other documents!

method 2: Create links to other documents in zoomnotes

To demonstrate that I’ll go find another document in my ZoomNotes library.

Let’s say I want to add a link to this notebook from my planner. We first need to get the list to this document.

To do that click on the name of your document and then ‘properties’.

Here you’ll find this document ID, I will copy this ID to my pasteboard.

Now I go back to my planner and I will again use the polygon shape to add a shape where I want to link.

On the options tab I will click to create a link, but this time I’m gonna click on this web option.
Here I will add the URL I just copied and press the return key.

Once it’s done, I will turn color fill and border options off. Now check that the link works, and you’re done!

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