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Easy Tutorial For How To Add Links In ZoomNotes

Want to learn how to create links in your PDF documents using ZoomNotes? This tutorial will teach you how to add links in ZoomNotes Planners and Notebooks.

Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial on how you can add hyperlinks in ZoomNotes.

By the end, you’ll know how to add links to pages inside a document you are working on and also how to add links to other documents inside your ZoomNotes library too.

When you get a digital planner or digital notebook with linked tabs your job of navigating through the document is much easier.

But sometimes you want to customize your links in your notebook to go straight to a page that you work on very often. And that’s is possible in ZoomNotes.

I’m going to show you how to do that using one of my digital planners!

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How To Create Links In ZoomNotes

I have written a quick tutorial below for adding links in ZoomNotes but be sure to watch the video above to follow along.

method 1: add links to other pages of your document

Let’s say that, for instance, you are working on a report for school or work and you want to be able to add any thoughts or notes you have inside your document.

You could use your ruled paper template to write on, but then you would have to keep revisiting this new page as your ideas come to mind. And if you are like me this often leads to ideas being forgotten while you swap pages, or you lose your place in your original report. This can be annoying and also wastes lots of time.

A better and more productive method would be to insert a link for your notes page that goes straight to the page you were initially working on.

To do this first take note of the page number you are using as your notes page ( the page you want to link to). You can find this inside of your document. Just tap on the pages tab to find this number.

Now you need to back to the original report you were working on to add the notes page link to it.

Next, create a polygon shape. You can find this shape by tapping on the toolbar at the top of the ZoomNotes screen and then finding the ‘polygon tool’ under ‘drawing tools‘.

Adding links to zoomnotes app

Now you will need to create a shape large enough to cover the whole area you want to be linked to your report. Don’t worry about the color, for now, this can be fixed later.

Adding links to planner pages in zoomnotes

If you tap on the top of the screen, you will see many options for this shape. The one that you will need is the ‘link’ option.

Tap on ‘link’ to see all the options available.

There are lots you can do with this tool in ZoomNotes. You can link something from the web, something you have bookmarked in ZoomNotes, and a page inside documents.

In this case, you will want to ‘link to a page inside the document‘, so that you can link to a page.

If you did not get the page number you needed for the link before you can scroll through your document until you find it.

How to add links in zoomnotes

The next step is to type in the page number in the text box. Tap ‘return’.

Now, when you click on that shape it should take you straight to the page number you added to your notes page.

Insert links in zoomnotes

The last thing you need to do is to make this shape transparent so you don’t see the colors.

So, go back to the ‘shape’ options and uncheck the option for color fill and uncheck the option for border.

The link is now placed without any color.

But this is not the coolest thing about these links though. You can also add links to other documents! Find out how in the next step.

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    method 2: Create links to other documents in zoomnotes

    If you have two documents ( or more ) in your ZoomNotes library that you want to interlink then it’s just as easy as method 1.

    Let’s say you want to add a link to a notebook from your digital planner. You will first need to get the ID of the document you want to link to.

    To do that, tap on the name of your document in your library and then ‘properties‘.

    At the bottom of this window, you need to click on ‘Advanced’ details. Under ‘document details‘ you will find the ID. This will be in URL format.

    Now click on ‘copy link to pasteboard‘.

    Adding links to documents in zoomnotes

    Next, go back to the digital planner where you want to insert the link. Use the ‘shape’ tool and create a shape where you want to place the link, just like you did in Method 1.

    On the ‘options’ tab tap to create a link, but this time tap on the ‘web’ option.

    Here you will need to add the URL that you just copied and tap ‘return’.

    How to add clickable links in zoomnotes

    Once it’s done, you will need to turn the color fill and border options off.

    Now check that the link works, and you’re done!

    Create links in zoomnotes

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    2 Simple Ways To Add Links In ZoomNotes Planners And Notebooks