How To Add Digital Stickers In Xodo

Do you want to use Xodo Digital Stickers? Find out how to add digital stickers in Xodo app on an Android tablet.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to import digital stickers in Xodo application on an Android device.

Before we get start I just want to point out that this is an old Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet that doesn’t have the multi window feature therefore I have to import my stickers one by one using the image tool.

However, if you have a newer Android tablet or if you are using Xodo with the iPad you can import images by dragging and dropping stickers with the split view.

How to Import Xodo Digital Planner Stickers

In my planner I have this tab just for stickers, so I’ll add my stickers there. You can add sticker anywhere on your planner or create a new blank document to collect all of your stickers.

You can add your stickers by using the image tool from the toolbar.

If you can’t see it click on the signature tool twice until you see the image tool (because the image tool, the signature tool and the stamp tool all share the same space in the toolbar). You have to toggle between these features to use one that is hidden fro the dashboard.

Once you find the image tool just selct it.

Now click anywhere on the page to prompt the window asking you from where you’d want to import the images.

Y could get your stickers from your gallery, your photos, your camera or any other folder.

I have my files in my folder so I will click in documents. From here I can search for my stickers, then click on it to import.

Once your stickers have been added to Xodo you can use them indefinitely. You can copy stickers to use in other pages or other documents too.

If your tablet is old and doesn’t have the multi window feature, just like mice, I suggest that you keep your stickers well organized in your device and make sure that they are all pre-cropped beforehand. This way you’ll be able to save time improting them one by one on Xodo.

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