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Ready To Achieve Your Long Term Goals?

How different would your life be if you achieved all the goals you set your mind to achieve?

It’s time to achieve your biggest dreams, stay highly motivated & keep your goals front and center in your schedule.
The Goal Driven Digital Planner is designed to get you focused on the work that matters and that will make the biggest impact in your life.


When was the last time you achieved a long term goal? Do you spend more time wondering how your successful friends always seem to achieve their goals instead of celebrating your own achievements?

It’s frustrating when everybody else seem to be living their best life but you’re stuck in an unfulfilling vicious cycle.

And you really want to achieve your goals! You do! You’re not a lazy person expecting things to happen without putting in the effort.

You know how to dream big and know you need a plan to get there. But you can’t seem to stick with it.

It’s like with the New Year’s resolution. You get all motivated, get yourself new tools to help you reach your goals, track everything from the beginning, do really well for a few days or week. Then the motivation starts slipping away.

You tell yourself that missing one day won’t matter, but one day becomes two and three… Next thing you know you forgot entirely about your goal.

Another year wasted, another unfulfilled goal. You feel like a failure.

But what if I told you that your system is causing you to fail?

The truth is that you feel so caught up in your busy life and try to accommodate your goals around your schedule – that is counter productive and overwhelming.

To achieve the lifestyle of your dreams you must keep your goals central in your schedule.

With the right action system you can prioritize the tasks that will make the biggest impact towards your goal and balance the rest of your schedule around it.


The goal driven planner is your step-by-step, get it DONE roadmap to achieve your goals and manage your busy life.

You’re are 40% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down. With an effective and actionable plan you can go after your dreams without feeling overwhelmed.

1. Define

Confidently set your goals by writing purposeful, measurable goals

2. Plan

Create a realistic plan to meet your newly set goals, and hold yourself accountable

3. Act

Take small actions every day that will bring you closer to your end result


Designed for the busy woman who wants to reclaim her time

and achieve her wildest dreams

The Goal Driven Planner is not just a planner, it’s a guide that helps you set goals that align with your personal values and a step by step system for achieving them by keeping them front and center in your schedule.

Digital Planner

Have your planner available anywhere and everywhere.

Goal Setting Page

Define and set goals in any area of your life.

Goal Breakdown

Create the plan to achieve your goals.

Action Plan

A system to clarify and act on tasks in order of impact. 


Start at any point in time. The right time is always right now.


Learn and improve from your actions.

Prompts to get started

Helps you set and break down your goals into small steps.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Planning pages to accommodate your entire schedule.

Customizable pages

Space for personalized pages to suit all your needs.

goal setting planner

“You’re Are 40% More Likely To Achieve Your Goals When You Write Them Down.”


goal Planner (Monday & Sunday Start versions)

Choose your weekly setup preference. Both Monday and Sunday starting versions of the planner are available.

BONUS 1: Goal setting Workshop

I’ll walk you through the steps to set your goals, break them down into small steps and create an actionable plan to make progress daily.

bONUS 2: Digital Planner Quick Start Guide

This is a digital planner you use on your smartphone or tablet/iPad. No need to print or wait for shipping. All instructions on how to get started are included (for both iOS and Android users).

bONUS 3: Digital Planner Stickers & Digital Covers

The planner comes with extra digital covers and functional + empowering digital stickers to add color, organize your lists, track important tasks and keep you motivated .



Be the highly motivated and over-achiever that you were born to be and reach all of your goals at the end of the year.

Goal setting planner

The Goal Driven Planner is for you if you’re ready to:

Define and prioritize your goals

Work smarter to achieve your goals

Become the best version of yourself

Act on what really matters to make progress

Clear distractions away

Is the Goal Driven Planner right for me?

Your planner and all the bonuses are delivered immediately after purchase. THIS IS AN INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – NO ITEMS WILL BE SHIPPED.

The planner is an interactive digital planner that is meant to be used with an iPad or tablet. You write on your planner with an application that you download from App Store or Google Play Store, there are free and premium apps.

The apps, the tablet/iPad and stylus are not included!

  • You need a device to host your planner such as an iPad (it works on smartphones too but the planner is designed for larger screens such as iPad and tablets)
  • To write on your planner I suggest using a stylus pen (such as Apple pencil, the S Pen or any good 3rd party pens that work with your device) but it’s not 100% necessary as you can type on your planner too.
  • You need a note taking app to be able to write on your planner. There are free apps or one-time payment apps, you can choose whichever you prefer.
  • The iPad/tablet, stylus and apps are not included in your purchase.

You can learn everything that you need to learn in the Digital Planning Quick Start Guide instructions. It’s not too complicate but I have video tutorial for everything.

I want you to feel confident about your purchase, please take the time to review all images and videos of the planner prior to purchase. Due to the digital nature of the product all sales are final. No return or cancellation will be accepted.

Email me your question to thass@preshplan.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 

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