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Downloading Etsy Files On The IPad ( Easy How To Get Your Etsy Instant Downloads )

Are you getting frustrated trying to access your instant download on Etsy via the iPad or tablet? I’ll show you how to download printables or digital downloads from your iPad with one easy downloading Etsy Files On The iPad hack.

This is a quick Etsy tutorial on how to get your Etsy downloads on your tablet.

Although it is very simple to access your Etsy downloads on your desktop, the Etsy App is missing one very important feature. The ability to allow users to access their Etsy digital downloads from the application on their tablets. With more and more buyers making their purchases using their tablets or mobile devices this seems like a BIG error on Etsy’s part.

Luckily though it is still simple to access any digital files you have purchased on Etsy with a few simple steps.

You can follow along with the video below as well as read this post to learn all you need to know about downloading Etsy Files On The iPad

How To Download Etsy Files On Desktop

Just in case you are using a desktop or laptop here is a simple how-to guide to download your purchased files from Etsy.

Whenever you buy a digital product on Etsy you can easily access it via your desktop or laptop browser by going on the tab under your profile picture.

Then tap on ‘reviews and purchases‘.

Next, go to the item file and then tap to download it.

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    Downloading Etsy Files On The iPad

    Now let’s learn how to download an Etsy file on an iPad.

    At the moment of this recording if I go to my Etsy app and look for my purchases I have no option on the screen to access my Etsy instant downloads.

    So, how can start downloading Etsy Files On The iPad?

    You will need to leave the Etsy App and open the browser on your iPad. You can then access Etsy from there.

    You can use Safari or like me in the video, Google Chrome.

    Open your chosen browser and now go to etsy.com and log in.

    From your profile at the top right corner here you can access your ‘purchase and reviews‘.

    Search for the file you want to download and then tap to download your files.

    Once you have it downloaded you should find it in your downloads folder. From there you can import it to the note-taking app you use for your Digital Planning.

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    Download Etsy Files On The iPad From Powerhouse Planner Etsy Store

    If you purchase from the Powerhouse Planners Etsy page you will see that I only upload a one-page PDF file. This file is small and is also not a zip file. In this PDF you will find a link to the cloud where my customers can download their products.

    Even though now the new iOS unzip files automatically I still like to provide this one-page pdf because I don’t want my customers like you to have to download massive files to your devices. I know not everyone has plenty of available space on their devices.

    From the cloud, you can easily access your purchases from any of your devices and re-download if needed.

    And this is the hack for downloading Etsy files on your tablet or iPad. If you need more beginner guides to Digital Planning check out the posts below.

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