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What Is A Digital Planner?

If you’re just starting your digital planner journey the first thing that might pop up in your head is, what exactly is a digital planner?

And then what may come next is; and how does it compare to a traditional paper planner?

So, I’m here to day to clarify some aspects of digital planning for you.

But you if you are a die hard paper planner, I just need to you keep an open mind about the digital version, okay?

So, are you ready?

Let’s get started with the basics first!

Whats is a digital planner?

A digital planner is simply a paperless version of a tradition planner. It’s a hyperlinked PDF file designed to be used with a note taking app in the device of your choice and a stylus pen to write on it.

The hyperlinks ensure that you can easily navigate through the pages in the PDF file without having to scroll the entire document.

And you add your notes by using a note taking app such as Noteshelf, Penly, GoodNotes or Notability, on your device (tablet or phone).

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Generally, a digital planner contains all the calendar pages that you would normally find on paper planners such as yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planner pages.

You can even add digital stickers, doodle and photographs to your digital planner, just like you would with a traditional planner.

With the technology advancing every year, you get the exact experience of paper planning when using a digital planners, including the handwriting benefits, but with added bonuses that you could never get with the traditional planners.

These advantages go from increased productivity and convenience to environment benefits, all of which most people seek daily.

Are you convinced yet?

Keep reading to all the reasons why you should be transitioning to digital planning.

Ready to get started?

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