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What Do You Need For Digital Planning?

Ready to get started with digital planning but no idea what device or application you need?

First, let me start by saying that you don’t need an iPad pro for digital planning! Nope!

Here’s a quick list of what you’ll need and a few things that you don’t need but are good to have!

The must have tools for digital planning:

1. A Tablet Or Smartphone

You need an electronic device to host your digital planner file and download your application.

You can use a variety of devices and you most likely already have something compatible.

If you’re shopping for a new iPad then check my comparison post first.

2. A Note-Taking App

This is an application that allows you to edit the PDF file.

With the app you can write on your digital planner, add text notes and images and customize your planner in any way you want.

If you’re searching for the best planner apps check my comparison post of the most popular apps.

3. A Digital Planner

This is an interactive PDF file containing all your calendar pages (such as yearly, monthly, weekly and daily pages), to do lists and extra inserts.

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Now, some may suggest that my list of tools above is too basic (where is the stylus?…) but I made it in this way to avoid beginner’s overwhelm.

With the 3 things above you can start digital planning, period! No need for any fancy digital pen or iPad Pro! You can always upgrade as you go but please don’t feel that you have to purchase the most expense tablet out there to start digital planning.

The items below are great to have – I have them! – because they bring the digital planning experience very close to the traditional experience of writing on paper.

Great to have tools for digital planning:

4. A Stylus

A stylus is not a requirement but I definitely recommend it for the writing experience to be similar to the traditional planner.

The Apple pencils 1st and 2nd generation are equally excellent for writing! Other cheaper alternatives are also great.

5. A Paper-like Screen Protection

A screen protection that mimics the texture of paper will make it more enjoyable by simulating the experience of writing on paper (instead of a glassy screen).

This screen protector here has great reviews!

And this is pretty much everything you need to start planning – all other digital planning accessories are optional!

Now, where to begin?

  • If you already have your device and app in place, then let’s go ahead and check what kind of digital planner suits you best.
  • If you need help deciding on the device or app to use, I’ve got you covered too.

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Ready to get started?

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