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Which Is The Best iPad For Digital Planning?

If you’re looking to buy a new iPad for do digital planning you may get frustrated trying to choose between all the different types and price range available.

There are a variety of iPads on the market to choose from depending on your specific needs and budget: they come at different sizes, colors, features, and prices. It is upon you to choose the best one based on your specifications and budget.

So, which iPad is the best for Digital Planning? Here’s my recommendation:

If you’re looking for an iPad for personal use then the iPad 8th generation 2020 is the best iPad for digital planning.

The iPad pro 2020 is the most feature-rich iPad out there and is great for digital planner designers and any other individual who needs powerful features for their work/education.

As such, there is really no best uniform choice, since this depends on what you are looking for.

Below I’ll walk you through the iPad features for the intention of using the iPad as a planner. The information is based on my own experience and what I’ve learned from my research.

By providing this feedback I’m hoping that can make an informed decision and choose the best iPad for you and your needs.

Which iPad is The Best for Digital Planning?

One of the biggest perks of digitalization is virtual notes. Digital notes can be accessed anywhere and everywhere, and they are easy to store and manage.

That said, if you are looking for an easy way to do digital note-taking and planning, you have probably already considered an iPad, and alongside it, an apple pencil.

You do not necessarily need an Apple tablet but thanks to the release of the new models, all latest generations of iPads, from mini to Pro, support some version of the Apple Pencil. And both 1st and 2nd generation of apple pencils are equally great for note-taking and digital planning.

Here are the top choices, from the most basic to the most advanced iPad:

iPad Mini

Can you use iPad mini as a planner?

Yes, it supports all the apps for digital planning apps and the Apple Pencil 1st generation.

The iPad mini is the most powerful small tablet in the market. Additionally, the battery life is long enough to enable you to do digital note-taking and planning without needing to charge it often.

The laminated display makes it very comfortable for reading and because of its size you could argue that this is the most portable iPad out there. However, there is a fine balance between portability and the potential to support features needed for digital planning and taking notes digitally.

Nevertheless, the iPad mini is quite expensive and I wouldn’t suggest it for individuals who need to take a lot of notes.

Personally, I find the screen too small for digital planning and extensive note-taking, and because it’s even more expensive than the iPad I’m reluctant to suggest it unless you do a lot of reading with your device and is comfortable with the smaller display.

New Apple iPad (8th Generation)

It is extremely efficient, especially if you do not require the full capabilities of an iPad pro (like most people who only need it for entertainment and personal use).

It offers the most hours between charges compared to all other pads, which is a wonderful feature for bulk digital planning and note-taking. It is quite affordable compared to other types, and you do not have to stretch your budget too much to afford it.

When it comes to digital planning and digital note taking the we must consider the screen properties and how it interacts with the apple pencil. The retina LCD screen feels more like a glass and doesn’t have the anti-reflective coating found in the iPad pro screens, meaning that handwriting and drawing might not be as precise. However, this is something you can remediate with a screen protector cover.

But, having tested both the screens of the iPad 7th gen and the iPad Pro for handwriting, I can confidently say that writing on the iPad with the 1st gen Apple Pencil is totally doable and if you don’t have an iPad Pro to compare it with I’m sure it wouldn’t be disappointed.

With its price and features, it’s the best budget iPad out there. Perfect for anyone starting out with digital planning and looking for a device that is both affordable and versatile.

Apple iPad Air

The iPad Air is the middle ground between the iPad and the iPad pro.

The new generation looks exactly like the iPad pro, with the uniform thin edge. Its 10.9-inch makes it almost the same size as the iPad pro 11 inches!

 With the new iPad Air you also get many of the same features as the pro, including support for the second-generation Apple Pencil and magnetic attachment for charging and pairing.

Due to its new A14 Bionic processor it’s very powerful and fast compared to the iPad – not sure though that this is something noticeable if you don’t use massive files all the time.

Lastly, its price is also a lot higher than the iPad so if you have a small budget, this one is not for you.

I haven’t tested this one personally but because the price of Air is relatively high compared to the iPad but not that much cheaper than the iPad Pro I tend to believe that if you’re already planning on spending that amount of money on a tablet, might as well get the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro (4th Generation)

The iPad Pro is a feature-rich tablet with a powerful processor that makes it fast and efficient for you to do all sorts of work on it, and yes that would include digital planning and note-taking. 

The iPad Pro has state of the art cameras, sound features and screen quality to offer all the power that graphic designers, illustrators, video and animation artists demand for their work. But is this something you might need yourself? If not, you should consider whether spending this amount of money is worth for you!

With all these features it sure is the best digital planner iPad for handwriting.

The biggest con of the iPad Pro is its high price. I’m 100% convinced that if you’re just looking for a personal digital planner tablet it’s unlikely that can fully enjoy all the iPad Pro’s available features. So, you really have to consider whether it’s worth for you to invest so much money in features that you might never use.

However, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment for professional users or anyone that spends several hours a day working on the iPad, be that for digital planner designing, note-taking or professional work.

Wind Up

Your choice finally comes down to your budget, specifications and the use of the iPad; whether it’s for school, work and or simply personal digital planning system.

However, with either of these, you are guaranteed enjoyable sessions when planning digitally! Redefine convenience!

Now that you know what device is best for your need I’m sure you’re eager to get started with digital planning.

Right! Let’s get this part started then.

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