Summarized Digital Planner Notability Review

Thinking of using the Notability App for digital planning? Check out this summarized digital planner Notability review that goes on the best (and worst) things about using this app for iPad planning.

Notability is one of the most popular note taking apps around. If you already use it for studying and note taking then you most likely will enjoy it too for digital planning. Then just go import a planner to the app and enjoy!

However, if you are shopping for the perfect digital planner app just keep reading this quick review (and watch the video!) to get an idea about the positive and negative points of this app for planners.

Notability Digital Planner Review

1. Notability Interface

The first great thing about notability is its very simple interface.

At the bottom you have your settings with options such as auto back up settings, typing and handwriting settings, themes etc.

On the top left you can edit the name of your notes and there is option to export them, and on the right you have to list of your documents.

Pretty simple, eh?

Digital planning wit notability

When you first start the app you get interactive instructions which will guide through all the app features. And the welcome note makes it simple for you to learn more about these features.

2. Notability Features For Digital Planner

Let’s get started inside this digital planner.

Inside the document the tools bar area is also very simple.

Notability simple toolbar menu

You can click anywhere to use the links and open different pages of your document.

In the middle you’ll find all the tools to type, write with your pen or finger, highlight, erase and crop items inside the document.

If you click on the tool twice you can see different settings for each tool.

In notability you have the ability to record audio, I don’t use this option for digital planning but I would guess it is perfect for those studying.

On the ‘plus’ sign you can add media to your document such as images, GIFs and stickies. These GIFs included are really fun and can be used as digital planner stickers.

Add GIFs in notability

On the 3 three dot settings you can change paper and view options.

I like to change my view to single page so I can scroll the pages by swiping to the side of the document.

On the ‘page settings’ tab you can see all the pages of your document. This is where I think Notability isn’t as good as other apps for digital planners.

Duplicate pages in notability

Even though you can reorder and delete pages like other apps, here you don’t get the chance to duplicate a given page.

If I’m planning with an undated planner, I might want to simply duplicate a weekly or monthly page to carry one using the planner for as long as I want. But when I try to add pages in notability, I just seem to be able to add blank pages.

To duplicate a page you must tap on a page then copy the page. Then you must tap again and click on paste.

Seems like unnecessary extra steps when the rest of the app is so simple.

Another features that lacks in Notability is the ability of swiping the last page of the document and have a new page added that is identical to the last one.

This doesn’t seem possible with Notability but it is in many other note taking apps.

So to recap, I think Notability is really simple and has some great features such as the option to add GIFs and the option to change the page view style. However the pages tab doesn;t have as many options as I am used to with other apps.

Nonetheless it’s a great app for note taking and if you are a student this might just be the app you use so no need to change whatsoever.

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