How To Change The Cover Of A Xodo Digital Planner On Android Tablet

If you use Xodo for digital planning on an android device check this post to learn how to change the cover of a Xodo Digital Planner using an Android tablet.

If you are a digital planner working with Android devices you might already use and love the Xodo app.

Here’s how you can change the cover image or the front image of your document inside Xodo.

Let’s open the app and get started. Click here if you need help importing a digital planner in Xodo.

How to Add And Change Document Covers in Xodo

Method 1: Change The Cover Of A Xodo Digital Planner

First let’s open the Gold Digital Planner from our library and check the document pages. You do this by clicking on the 3-dot tab and then edit pages, rearrange.

You can see that in this case I have 4 covers already inside the planner.

If I want to exchange the cover for this document the only thing I have to do is to drag and drop my preferred cover to the first position. I can simply tap and hold until I can move the page around, then drop it here.

Now, if I go back to my library, I will see a different cover page.

Method 2: Insert A New Cover For The Xodo Planner

But let’s say that your extra cover pages are not inside the document already, like here in my planner I only now have the over cover.

You can also import new pages using Xodo.

So how do we do that? First, you have to click on the 3 dots and edit pages again. When you click on rearrange you can see this plus sign on the bottom of the screen.

Here you have 3 options:

  • Add extra pages from the template’s library (blank, ruled or dotted pages)
  • Add an image as a page
  • Add another document (for any document that is not JPEG or PNG)

I am going to click on this one because my new cover comes in PDF format.

Now search for your new cover and add it to the planner. The document added it in the last position, so I will go and drag it all the way to the first position.

Once it’s done, if I go back to my library, I can see the new cover of my Xodo document.

And you’re set!

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