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2 Easy Ways How To Change The Cover Of A Xodo Digital Planner On Android Tablet

Use Xodo for digital planning on an Android device? In this post, you will learn how to change the cover of a Xodo Digital Planner using an Android tablet. Discover 2 easy methods that are perfect for Digital Planning beginners.

The Xodo app is a note-taking app that can be used on Android devices. It is also a free app which is great if you are new to trying out Digital Planning and want to start simply and cheaply.

If you are new to Digital Planning with Xodo you may be wondering how you can change the cover image or the front image of your document inside Xodo.

In this post, I will share two very easy and fast ways you can change the cover of a Xodo Digital Planner. You can also follow along with the short video below.

How to Add And Change Document Covers in Xodo

If you do not already have your Digital Planner imported into the app make sure you do that before following the rest of this Xodo tutorial. Need help? Click here to learn about importing a digital planner in Xodo.

Once you have your Digital Planner downloaded into the app, open the Xodo app to get started.

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Method 1: Change The Cover Of A Xodo Digital Planner

First, open up your Digital Planner file in your library and check the document pages.

To do this simply tap on the 3-dot tab that is on the top right of the Xodo app screen. Next tap ‘Edit pages’ on the drop-down box that appears. Another drop-down menu will come up on the screen, here you tap ‘rearrange pages’.

In the video example, you can see that I have 4 covers already inside my digital planner.

If you have purchased a Digital Planner then the seller will usually place the cover pages at the start of the document for you to select from. If your cover pages are separate from your Digital Planner don’t worry, I will cover this in Method 2 further along in the post.

To exchange the cover for your Digital Planner document the only thing you have to do is to drag and drop your preferred cover to the first position. You can simply tap and hold until you can move the page around, then drop it at the start of the document.

Now, if you go back to your library, I will see a different cover page.

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    Method 2: Insert A New Cover For The Xodo Planner

    If your extra or new cover pages are not inside the document you use as your digital planner then you will need to do things a little differently.

    To do this you will learn how to import new pages using Xodo.

    First, you will need to tap on the 3 dots just like in the first method and ‘Edit pages’ again.

    Tap on on ‘rearrange pages’ again. At the bottom of this screen, you can see a ‘plus sign’. Tap on this option.

    Here you will see 3 options:

    • Add extra pages from the template’s library (blank, ruled, or dotted pages)
    • Add an image as a page
    • Add another document (for any document that is not JPEG or PNG)

    What you tap here will depend on what type of file your new cover page is. Usually, your cover page will either be an image or a PDF.

    If your cover page is an image in JPEG or PNG format then tap the second option. If your new cover page is in PDF format then you will tap the same option as me in the video, which is the last option.

    Now you will need to search for your new cover and tap to add it to your planner.

    Check your new cover in your library. The app may add your new cover to the last position. If this has happened just drag it all the way to the first position and drop it into the correct place.

    Once it’s done, if you go back to your library, you can see the new cover of my Xodo document.

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